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Leaving the season of love behind, but taking all the love from it, we came to February Cook-Off 2016. The expectation here was to have a great action packed Sunday night, with a crunchy problem set and plethora of code hungry participants battling for them. Even though that’s exactly what we got, it didn’t come as we would have wanted it to. And if you were the part of the contest, you would know what we are talking about. If you were not, let us tell you.

The stage was set perfectly for the February Cook-Off 2016 with one of the cutest problem set we have had in our Cook-Offs, courtesy Pavel Sheftelevich. The problems were ready, the participants were ready, but apparently this time we were not. You see, we had made some changes in our passwords, which did not get updated throughout the system. Thus, while the contest had a smooth start, the problems were not visible. And as this was the first instance of any such glitch affecting the contest, it took us substantial amount of time to figure out. Thirty minutes to be precise. We regret the inconvenience and sincerely apologize for it. By the time we figured the reason for the unexpected and unpleasant start of the contest, the ideal start of the contest we had in mind was completely in ruins. However, we got things sorted, pulled ourselves up, and extended the contest by 30 Minutes to make up for the lost time.

The February Cook-Off 2016 started at 10:00 Hrs IST on Sunday, 21st February, 2016. Thirty minutes late from its scheduled start. Late, but what a magnificent start we had. The first page of submissions was utterly pleasing to look at, with green ticks dominating the most of real estate there. Further adorning that page was the early appearances from the likes of uwi, ACRush, natsugiri, balajiganapath, and xellos0. All thanks to Puppy and Sum, featuring Tuzik and his master, this problem eventually became the most loved problem with over 1.4K submissions. We hope you enjoyed playing with Tuzik.

After Puppy and Sum, the playtime with Tuzik continued. And while the participants found it easy to beat Tuzik in some of his own game, he also gave a tough time to the participants. The hardest of them all was Puppy and Triangles, which saw close to 400 submissions in the entire duration of the contest, but only 1 of those submissions saw the green tick of happiness. Contrary to many popular guesses, it was natsugiri who cracked the problem just 10 minutes before the end of the contest and thus emerged victorious in our February Cook-Off 2016.

Now, before we move further, let us introduce to all our winners from the COOK67:

We start with ROW top 10:

Now, the Indian top 5:

A big round of applause to all these brilliant minds, and to all you wonderful people on your performance!

Now, let us present you the final stats for the COOK67:

  • Total Users: 1531
  • Total Submissions: 5010
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 1466
  • Total users from India: 822
  • Total users not from India: 709

All, the fun that you had with Tuzik came from Pavel and the testing of those problems to make them fun for you was done Kanstantsin Sokal. Accompanying Pavel and Kanstantsin on the problem setting bench were Sunny Aggarwal as editorialist, Vasya Antoniuk as Russian translator, Hu Zecong as Mandarin translator, Team VNOI as Vietnamese Translator, Rahul Arora as Language verifier, and the our ever diligent  contest admin Praveen Dhinwa. Let’s put our hands together in appreciation of the hard work that these gentlemen put cooking up such scrumptious contest. We hope you enjoyed every bit of it. Except the start, of course.

Now, before we draw curtains on February Cook-Off 2016’s blog post and give it its place in the history books, let us take you to the editorials of the contest.

That brings us to the conclusion to February Cook-Off 2016. We hope you enjoyed Tuzik and his various games. We will come back with yet another exciting contest minus the initial glitch. If you have any queries, concerns, or quarrels regarding the contest or any aspect of it, feel free to get in touch with us. You can post them in the comments section below or can send them straight to us at: feedback@codechef.com

That will be all from us for now. We will come back soon with the story of February LunchTime 2016, with stories of the adventures of our little geniuses in school.

Till next time.


Team CodeChef

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