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Set by Misha Chorniy, the February Lunchtime 2016 saw participation from close to 1.2K users from all parts of the world. It featured some of the very celebrated names from the programming fraternity. And with over 5.5K submissions into the contest, it’s safe to assume that the participants enjoyed their time. Starting from Chef and Socks to Chef and Dominating Subarrays, the varying difficulty levels of the problems kept the participants reach for their hairs every now and then. But then, isn’t that what makes a contest exciting? Yes, it does. And as the contest unfolded, we met many such moments.

And a lot of such moments featured many of our favorite names including mbrc, rajat1603, meteora, animesh_f and others. The February Lunchtime 2016 was set in close proximity with the final exam season here in India and perhaps in many other part of the world. But that did not deter our participants and their will to compete. And as soon as the problems were served, the competition was on right from the outset.

The Chef and Socks proved to be the most fun problem with a bout of accepted submissions right from the beginning. Almost everyone who joined the contest in the contest bagged Chef and Socks. Then there was Chef and Tic-Tac-Toe, which helped the participants move up the rank table by offering the green ticks here and there. But that was the end of the easy route to the top of the table. It was now testing times with Chef and Polygons and Chef and Dominating Subarrays. And they proved to be tough nuts to crack with only 14 and 6 ACs respectively. However, despite the scarcity of the ACs on the problems, we were immensely pleased with how the rank table appeared at the end of the contest.

It was long coming. The signs were always there and they just got brighter with every passing contest. Despite few slips and misses in recent times, we finally have a rank list predominantly featuring Indian school kids; 6 out of the 10, to be precise. Now we celebrate every victory in our competitions alike. To us, every participant is special. But there is a certain feel of joy and adulation to finally have a rank table subjugated by Indian school kids. Especially because, that is what we wanted when we started our Lunchtime programming series. And even though we still have a long way to go, we believe we are sailing in the right direction. So, let us take you to the final rank table of our February Lunchtime 2016.

We start with the ROW Top 10:

  • ocheretny of Kremenchuk Boarding Lyceum for Gifted Children Kremenchuk, Ukraine
  • allanur_tkm of Bashkent Turkmen-Turkish High School
  • resulhan of Bashkent Turkmen-Turkish High School
  • mrkerim of Bashkent Turkmen-Turkish High School
  • rubabredwan of Rajshahi University School
  • milenkom of Jovan Jovanović Zmaj High School
  • roman_derkach of Kremenchuk Boarding Lyceum for Gifted Children Kremenchuk, Ukraine
  • bekmyrat of Bashkent Turkmen-Turkish High School
  • erzhan9800 of Issyk Kazakh – Turkish High School
  • aidyn12 of Almaty Kazakh – Turkish High School
  • dicolo18 of Chuyên Hùng Vương

Now the Indian Top 10:

A huge round of applause to all these young brains and to everyone who helped us put up yet another delectable Lunchtime.

The team behind February Lunchtime 2016 features Pushkar Mishara, as tester; Praveen Dhinwa, as editorialist and contest admin; Sergey Kulik, as Russian translator; VNOI team, as Vietnamese translator; Hu Zecong, as Mandarin translator; and Rahul Arora, as language verifier. Joining these brilliant gentlemen was our team here at the CodeChef headquarters in Mumbai, and all you wonderful participants.

That brings us to the final segment of the February Lunchtime 2016 blog; we hope you enjoyed it as much as you enjoyed the contest. Now, let us take you to the editorials, which if you have not tasted yet, you must.

That will be all from everyone here at CodeChef. We will come back soon, with yet another tale from yet another contest and much more. Till then, keep watching this space, share the posts with your friends featuring in the post, and challenge them to take up their position in our monthly contests. In addition if you have anything to say, kindly do let us know, through an email, comment below, or a pigeon. We wouldn’t mind any of them.

Till next time, adios.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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