The secret behind the spinning “Submit” button

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1st of April, notoriously known as “All Fool’s Day” is one day of the year dedicated to playing non-hazardous pranks and spreading hoaxes.

We at CodeChef, are a team of pranksters. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that quite often we spend days to plan our next prank and spend well thought out hours to execute them on our team members. In continuing with our traits, we had played a prank some 6 years ago on our users that did not go too well with them (please read the comments and subsequent explanations given by admins).

Once bitten, twice shy, we were forced to cut down on our prank instincts to never take it up again. However, this year, the itch finally gave in and we decided to have a much more subtle version of April Fool’s Day prank including you all. We exist because you do and hence you needed to be a part of our party.

Don’t recall how and when were you pranked? Well, let us tell you.

Remember the “submit” button that you were chasing a little while ago? Well, that was it. You must have been thinking “Oh, I thought it was only me”, or if you thought it was yet another CodeChefs’ bug, it wasn’t. Happy April Fool’s Day!

Do you want to see how you looked chasing that submit button? Yes, we have a screen capture that we want to share with you. So, check it and have a good chortle.

Chasing the submit button.

We have stopped the prank now. So, if you are still chasing that submit button, you must stop, take some sleep, have a cold shower, and may be a walk in the park; because it’s not happening anymore.

We hope you did not mind this little fun that we had at your expense. It was all done in good spirit. Do share some of the wonderful pranks that you pulled on your pals with us and maybe we can use some of them next year.

Till then, enjoy the contest.

Team CodeChef

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