Old foes meet again

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We had just celebrated our se7enth anniversary with lots of laddus and flare, and were in no mood to take off our party hats. So, in the same high spirit we sat down for the March Challenge 2016.

March Challenge 2016 was an extension of our anniversary celebration. And joining us in our celebration were our problem setters in Praveen Dhinwa, Prateek Gupta, Sunny Aggarwal, Malvika Raj Joshi, Maksym Bevza, Sergey Nagin, Roman Furko, who also did the testing for the contest as well, and Vasya Antoniuk. Alongside testers Kevin Charles Atienza and Roman, editorialist Kevin Charles Atienza, translators Vasya Antoniuk (Russian), Team VNOI (Vietnamese) & Hu Zecong (Mandarin), language Verifier Rahul Arora, and our ubiquitous contest admin Praveen Dhinwa too were there.

If you know CodeChef, you would have heard almost all the aforementioned names. They have been seen on rank list, discussion forum, problem setting panel, and where not. However, we had a very special debutant there in Malvika Raj Joshi. A prominent name in the programming fraternity, this was the first time Malvika was joining the contest as the problem setter with an easy and a hard problem. In doing so, she also became the youngest problem setter on CodeChef. Setting up and breaking records seems just right up her alley. If you think you can challenge that record, we would love to have you on our problem setting panel. So, don’t hold yourself back head over to our problem setting guidelines and find out more about it.

From the problem setters to the problems, let’s see how you fared. In pursue of laddus, plethora of early birds joined in the contest and started crunching solutions to the problem best suited to their tastes. However, it was Sunny’s Palindromic substrings that got things going on for them. After the first AC from z_programmist, the result code AC just kept going up against this problem. The scenes were in quite contrast against Roman’s Polygon & Circles. Even after numerous attempts not many were able to get past it. The same was the case with Malvika’s Tiptoe through the tulips. But with 24 and 31 ACs respectively against the said two problems we think that the problem set was nicely balanced.

While, the problem set was giving a gamut of emotions to the participants, the tension was building atop the rank table with every AC. Among the top contenders for the top slot were mugurelionut, ACRush, djdolls, ceilks, kutengine, and the new sensations rns_kjch, kut_pcj1995, and kut_boy1995. At one point it was really tough to put your finger on one. In fact it remained that way till the very last day of the contest. And then there was the late addition of test cases in CHEFSPL, resulting in one day extension of the contest. It made us wait for one more day to find out the winners. Finally, on the 11th we got our winner in mugurelionut. The route atop the rank list wasn’t easy for mugurelionut with some serious challenge from his old pal kutengine. And we are sure both of them would have enjoyed each others’ company on the rank table. Now, to meet everyone who joined them atop rank table, let’s go through the rank list once.

We start with the ladies. After a long time, we have Top 5 women participants. So, give a huge round of applause for them:

Now, we move towards the men. The ROW top 10:

Now, the ROW top 5 School Students:

The top 3 ROW participants with highest scores for challenge problem Chef and Number Guessing apart from the winners:

Now, let’s meet the Indian Top 20:

The Indian top 5 school students:

And finally, the top 3 Indian participants with highest scores for challenge problem Chef and Number Guessing apart from the winners:

Heartiest congratulations to all our winners and to everyone who took part in the contest. Now, before we more further let us give you the final stats and editorials for the contest:

The final stats:

  • Total Users: 5585
  • Total Submissions: 78623
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 5019
  • Total users from India: 2738
  • Total users not from India: 2847

And the editorials:

That will be all from March Challenge 2016 from our side. We hope you enjoyed the contest, but if you did not, and have some concerns regarding the contest, the platform, or about this blog feel free to send them our way at: feedback@codechef.com

With that, we draw curtains on this post and set up stage for March Cook-Off 2016. We will come soon with the tale of the short March Cook-Off soon. Till then, keep the submissions flowing in and keep participating.

Till next time, adios.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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