The one with 2X the laddus

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The March Lunchtime 2016 was the second Lunchtime away from the lunchtime; the 1st being the February Lunchtime. The March Lunchtime had a rather colorful backdrop, for it came quickly after Holi. The kids were still high on sweets, colors, and mischief, and no amount of exam scare was going to suppress it. Then, who are we to do so? So, we decided to join them and raise the fun levels a tad more, by giving away 2X more laddus to all the participants. It was our attempt to sweeten the Holi for you all and give you something more to cheer ahead of the busy exam season. So, did the 2X laddus do any magic? Let’s find out.

The sweet-sweet problem set from the March Lunchtime came from the Sergey Kulik, who by now has developed a reputation among the Lunchtime participants for his tricky problems. And let’s just say, he lived up to that. The testing for his problems was done by Vlad Mosko, who was making his comeback to the Lunchtime panel after July Lunchtime 2016. The coming together of a seasoned campaigner and a returning tester presented the participants with some delectable problems in Simple Statistics, ABABAABA, Two Closest, and Arrays Sum. However, the stats column suggested otherwise. So, we leave it up to you. What did you thought of the problems from the contest? Were they cut out for you, or you found them a tad sour for your taste? Do send your feedback to us at:

Now, to the young geniuses who came and tried their hands on the problem set, let’s see how they did. While others were having trouble finding their way across the problems, nano_ape seemed like taking a stroll down the park. A slow one though. He made his first submission after 15 minutes into the contest and viola it was an AC. The same result appeared for his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th submissions as well. The time interval between them, kept on increasing, but the result for all of them remained the same. And with all four problems cracked into his kitty, he secured the top spot on the rank table. On the very close second was kmcode, who unlike nano_ape made a lot of submissions getting varying result codes to secure the second spot. And on third position we had our Indian lad, mbrc. With 16 point difference between kmcode and mbrc, it was a close shave for the second place on the rank table. The two gentlemen gave their everything, literally till the very last minute of the contest, when at 10:29 PM mbrc got his final AC.

The competition for any other place on the rank table was no different. One look at the March Lunchtime rank list and it will become rather apparent to you.

And while we are at it, let us introduce you to our winners for LTIME34.

We start with the ROW top 10:

  • nano_ape of Shantou Jinshan High School
  • kmcode of Omori 7th Junior High School
  • erfaniaa of Allameh Helli High Schools
  • ruhanhabib39 of Kids Tutorial
  • rubabredwan of Rajshahi University School
  • sanroylozan of Debreceni Fazekas Mihály Gimnázium
  • owf147 of King Chavez High School
  • anora10 of Debreceni Fazekas Mihály Gimnázium
  • mrkerim of Bashkent Turkmen-Turkish High School
  • chpipis of Evangeliki Model High School, Greece

Now, the Indian top 10:

Congratulations to you and to everyone who joined us for LTIME34.

The stats for LTIME34 might not compare well to some of the other Lunchtimes we have had here on CodeChef, but we know once the exam season passes, we certainly will have those numbers go up a notch. For now, here are the final stats for the contest:

  • Total Users: 1064
  • Total Submissions: 4662
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 947
  • Total users from India: 444
  • Total users not from India: 620

Now, before we move forward let us thank the other members of the problem setting panel including our editorialist Pushkar Mishra, the Russian translator Sergey Kulik, our Vietnamese translators Team VNOI, contest admin duo of Praveen Dhinwa &  Pushkar Mishra, and Mandarin Translator Hu Zecong. None of this would have been possible without these fine gentlemen. And now, it’s editorial time. So, before we take your leave, let us take you through the editorials from our March LunchTime 2016.

That is all that we have for you from the March Lunchtime 2016, if you think we missed any aspect the contest or your favorite bit of the contest, feel free to reach us at:

That will be all from us here at CodeChef. We will soon come up with tales of the exam ladened April contests.

Till next time, adios.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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