After the chase of the submit button

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It was “All Fools’ Day” when our April Challenge 2016 began. The air was light all around. The posts and videos featuring hilarious pranks were floating all over social media. So, as the Japanese proverb say ““We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.” We danced. And you danced too. If you don’t remember then let us remind you of chasing the submit button, we even have a wonderful video of it. So, if you ever want to revisit that, you are most welcome. It was fun, wasn’t it?

It was. It was immense fun and giggles to see you all chase that submit button to make your first submission into the contest. And the first one to get hold of it was meintoo. After several attempts of course. He went on to make the first submission into the contest at 03:04 PM and it was an AC. We must say, good job, meintoo. The first problem that saw submission was COLOR, but soon we had our second solved problem in CHBLLNS. To have two solved problems inside the first 10 minutes of the contest is always a pleasing sight and it was no different this time. The contest that started on a fun note, moved further on a fun note, as flurry of submissions started pouring in for COLOR and CHBLLNS. There were few brave hearts who tried their hands on other problems like CHEFPATH and AMAEXPER early into the contest. Some of them got the happiness of green tick, while some others faced the dreaded WA. And so was the start of April Challenge 2016, a little fun and a little anguish.

After the initial rush on the submission table, the flow steadied as the participants moved towards the harder spectrum of the problem set. While, the problems of Sunny Aggarwal (COLOR), Vasia Antoniuk (CHBLLNS), Prateek Gupta (CHEFPATH) and Bipin Baburaj (BIPIN3) made life easy for the early goers into the contest, problem setters Sunny Aggarwal (FIBQ), Roman Furko (FURGRAPH), Aleksandar Abas (AMAEXPER) had different plans with their problems. Their problems turned to be a tad more testing than the earlier problems that the participants had attempted. But not testing enough for the likes of msm1993, ceilks, skyfire, and the likes of them. By the end of the contest we had all the 10 problems cracked, which always is a good sign. And to tell them who topped the table with all 10 solved problems let us take you to the rank table:

We start with the girl’s top 5:

And now we move on to the boy’s category, with global top 10:

The Indian top 20:

The Global top 5 School students:

The Indian top 5 school students:

Now, we move on to the special achievers category to meet the users with highest scores for our challenge problem SNAKGAME:

The top 3 global scorers:

The top 3 Indian scorers:

Big congratulations to all your wonderful people and to everyone associated with April Challenge 2016 for making it such a huge success. Before we move towards the concluding part of the post, here are the final stats for April Challenge 2016:

  • Total Users: 6753
  • Total Submissions: 95883
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 6370
  • Total users from India: 3004
  • Total users not from India: 3749

Now, as we sum up the course of April Challenge 2016 to make sure we would like to take you to the editorials of the contest, for if you have not checked them already and are still scratching your head about SNAKGAME.

That will be all from us regarding April Challenge 2016; we will soon come up with the proceedings of April Cook-Off 2016. Till then, enjoy this post and many others that we have posted recently, and keep sending us your thoughts, messages, and feedback at:

Till next time, adios.

See you at the contests.

Team CodeChef

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