Rescheduling of SnackDown 2016 Elimination Round and more

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Greetings everyone,

We are only 3 days away from the start of online qualifying round for SnackDown 2016. But, while things have gone rather seamless since the registrations opened, there have been few concerns regarding the restrictions on team formation and timing of CodeChef SnackDown 2016 Elimination round. Some serious discussion has been going on our Codeforces’ announcement blog of SnackDown 2016. We too joined in the conversation and tried to reason the restriction, while assuring the possible change in the timings for the online round. So we had a discussion among us and here’s what we have decided:

Reschedule the SnackDown 2016 Elimination Round

Yes, we have rescheduled the Elimination Round and to accommodate it, we also have rescheduled our June Cook-Off 2016. And here are the new timings for both the contests:

SnackDown 2016 Elimination Round:

  • Contest Date: 19th June, 2016
  • Time: 19:30 hrs IST to 00:30 PM IST

June Cook-Off 2016:

  • Contest Date: 26th June, 2016
  • Time: 21:30 hrs IST to 00:00 PM IST

We hope that the new timings will suit all time zones and that you all are happy with them. If you still have any queries or qualms, do shoot them our way.

Lift restriction on team formation?

Now, this needs a deeper discussion and hence we are leaving this discussion open ended. We have received various arguments in both, for and against, the restriction of team members belonging to the same institutes/organizations. However, while all the arguments have made us think about it, it’s just too short of a time to make any decision now. So, while we are still contemplating the idea of making SnackDown completely open for its future editions, we can not make any commitments at this point.

However, it will be of great help if you all can put forward your thoughts on keeping or lifting the restriction on team formation. Do let us know why do you think it is good/bad to have restriction on team formation? Our reasons we have tried to explain in the same codeforces thread and you can go through them.

On that open ended note, we put an end to this post. We hope we have been clear in communicating the major announcements; however, if you still have any doubts or questions, do let us know. We will be waiting for your thoughts, so pen them down and let us know.

Team CodeChef

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  1. This restriction should definitely be lifted.
    Some of us had our best coder buddies in school, and now since we are in different colleges, that brings about a major difficulty …. 🙁

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