The post exams Cook-Off

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The second half of April is the fun half. Hot! sure, but fun. The exams are, or about to be gone, the summer vacations have started knocking on the doors, and the planning mode for the summer is on. While the scorching Sun makes the days, lazy and sweaty, the nights bring the solace. Top it with a short exciting programming contest, and you have in your hands night made in programming heaven. And that’s what our April Cook-off 2016 brought.

Set by Constantine Sokol (aka Kostya) and tested contest ready by Pavel Sheftelevich, the five problems of COOK69 had the perfect balance of fun and tease. And it became apparent with the final figures of the contest leaving 1444 submissions on the easiest of the five, and only 10 on the hardest. But that’s just our assumption based on the numbers, you are the real judge of the problem quality, so, do let us know what you thought of them in the comments section below. Meanwhile, let us take you through few of the highlights from the April Cook-Off 2016.

But before that, the final numbers from the contest to put things in perspective:

  • Total Users: 1666
  • Total Submissions: 6163
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 1484
  • Total users from India: 748
  • Total users not from India: 918

The smooth start of the contest ensured smooth flow of submissions as well with ODDDIV seeing the most of the early green ticks. Apart from ODDDIV, MOVIEWKN too found the love of the participants in the early stages of the contest. And inside the first 10 minutes of the contest we had almost all probable winners of the contest shining on the rank table. Be it lebron, mgch, alex_2oo8, ceilks, rajat1603 or animesh_f they all were there. And it meant that the battle was on, right from the very start. So, we grabbed our tubs of popcorn and put ourselves for an exciting ride of two and half hours.

And to tell you who stood where on the rank table after that ride, let us give you the names that featured on the final rank list:

We start with the ROW top 10:

Now, we move to the Indian rank table:

With that, it’s now time to give you the editorials for the contest and take your leave. We will be returning soon, with the story of the April LunchTime 2016. But till then, you enjoy these delectable editorials and keep sending your thoughts regarding the contest or any aspect of it.

And now, it’s editorial time:

That will be all from us for now. We hope you enjoyed the post as much as the contest.

Team CodeChef

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