Closing of schools & start of programming season with April LunchTime 2016

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Set on the very last day of April, the April LunchTime 2016 well and truly marked the beginning of the happy times for the schools. It was vacation time in institutes all over and the students could not be happier. Everyone had some plan or the other regarding the summers. While, some wanted to get in shape, some just wanted chill on the beaches and mountains. You see, different people, different plans. However, for the programmers, no plan is ever going to be complete without the inclusion of programming contests. So, while you guys prepared your vacation plans, we were busy in squeezing in our programming contests, into your plans without disturbing the original plans too much.

In close quarters with the April LunchTime 2016 was the start of the registrations for our SnackDown 2016, which added to the overall excitement of summer vacations. And set us all on course of a busy summer ahead. And we will tell you all about it, one post at a time. We start with the April LunchTime 2016 set by, Sunny Agarwal and tested by Sergey Kulik.

The 4 problems of LTIME35 saw varying submissions rate, which established their difficulty level in the very initial stage of the contests. While TRICOIN got cracked inside the first 10 minutes of the contest, it took almost an hour and half for the participants to find their way around LABEL. And those two problems were on the totally opposite ends of the difficulty spectrum for the contest. If the numbers are to be taken as an indicator, the former was the easiest one to crack, while the latter one, not so.

Concealed in between the easiest and the hardest were two more problems, which while took some participants up the rank table, for some others, they became the ultimate stop into the contest. With 83 and 7 accepted submissions respectively, COLORING and KSUM weren’t as easy problems as their names suggested they were. But then, they weren’t all that hard as well. The participants, who were patient with them, bettered and cemented their positions on the rank table.

And while we are at it, let’s have a look at the rank table to find out who stood where at the stroke of 22:00 Hrs IST on 30th April 2016:

We start with the ROW top 10:

Now, the Indian top 10:

Congratulations to all our young champions and to everyone associated with the contest!

After the winners, it’s time for the final statistics of the contest. Now, we all have seen better numbers than these, but given that it was just the start of the summer vacations, we wouldn’t mind them low this time around. We are sure; they will go up in coming contest.

  • Total Users: 1014
  • Total Submissions: 3386
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 953
  • Total users from India: 370
  • Total users not from India: 644

We thank you all for joining us in the 35th edition of our LunchTime programming series and hope many more of you to join in the future editions of the contest.

With that we reach at the final stop in the post, where we give you the editorials from the contest and even though we are a tad too late on it, if you haven’t gone through them, check them out now.

And with that we put an end to this tale of April LunchTime 2016. We hope you are having a wonderful time in the ongoing SnackDown 2016 and are enjoying the summers to the maximum. We will be coming soon, with more stories from all the tales of our May contests.

Till then, do let us know your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, and feedback through emails, messages, tweets, or through a pigeon. We love hearing them all.

That will be all from us for now.

Till next time, adios!

See you at the contests!

Team CodeChef

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