The battle against the tough debutant

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By the time we reached May Cook-Off 2016, we were only a week away from the start of the SnackDown 2016 qualifier. It meant the COOK70 was the final chance for all the SnackDown aspirants to test their preparations. And the responsibility of provide testing waters to them was taken up by Ke Bi, who made his debut in the shorter format with the contest. And to make him feel at home we had Kevin Charles Atienza as tester. The COOK70 came from a debutant and a seasoned campaigner, so, let’s find out how it went.

We have seen various starts for our Cook-Offs, from disastrous to heavenly. So, we do not go into any contest with a preconceived notion regarding any contest. However, with SnackDown qualifiers just around the corner, we thought that may be the participants will find it easy to cruise through the five problems of Ke Bi. His debutant status in the shorter format also didn’t help in establishing the difficulty level of his problems. So, we left it all on the clock, and waited for it to hit 21:30 Hrs IST. And when it did, it shattered all our notions about the contest, the problem setter, and the participants. Let us tell you how.

Let us start by saying that the problem set from Ke Bi, in more ways than one was reminiscent of that of a seasoned campaigner. If you took part in the contest you will understand what we are talking about. If you did not though, then you must try the problems in our practice section. The contests opened to a flurry of dreaded Red Cross of Wrong Answer on P1Z2S. It made us a tad worried, as we did not get any AC till the first five minutes of the contest. But finally in the seventh minute we had johnathan79717 cracked it, however, he and mmaxio were the only one to receive the green tick of happiness after the first 50 submissions into the contest.

The scarcity of green ticks in the first few hundred submissions raised concerns, especially considering the fact that they were all for P1Z2S, which was supposed to be the easiest of them all. It remained the same way for P1Z2S till the very end of the contest with only 966 successful submissions out of the 5,300 submissions made on it. With accuracy percent of 18.72, P1Z2S, although was the easiest problem of the contest, but certainly not easy enough for everyone to get crack. The other problems were not much of help either for the participants, with Euro remaining devoid of any successful submission. Among the remaining three Easy Numbers saw the highest submissions with 27 AC against it, followed by Maze with 7 and Tandem with 1 AC.

The tough problem set made the journey to the top of the rank table even harder. 3 was the maximum number of problems solved by any user and hence it was obvious that penalties are going to be the deciding factor. And with 0 penalties to his name, uwi took home COOK70. We had all top 6 participants with same number of problem solved, but with different number of penalties and time. And to meet them all, let us take you to the rank table:

The Global Top 10:

Now, the Indian top 10:

Big round of applause for all our winners and for everyone associated with the contest.

Despite the comparatively harder problem set, the participation stats from the contest were rather impressive, and we would let the numbers do the talking here.

  • Total Users: 1691
  • Total Submissions: 5801
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 970
  • Total users from India: 708
  • Total users not from India: 983

Now, we know that you might have faced some difficulty getting past the problems with absolute ease and that you would have immediately devoured the editorials immediately after the contest. But if you did not, then let us take you there.

That will be all from us for now. We hope you enjoyed the post as much as you enjoyed cracking the problems of May Cook-Off 2016. However, if you liked the problems more, then do let us know in the comments section.

With that it’s time to draw curtains on this long delayed tale of May Cook-off and move towards the May LunchTime.

Till next time, adios.

Team CodeChef

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