Say Hello To The SnackDown 2016 Finalists!

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Over 50 days, 13388 teams from 1152 colleges/schools/organizations belonging to 93 countries spread all over the globe and 4 rounds of gruesome online programming battle, later we finally have the finalists of SnackDown 2016. The road to finals for each one of these teams was clad with tough competition from their counterparts yearning for the same. They not only fought them, but also worked hard in different time zones to solve those problems served to them in different rounds of the contest. And with their sheer persistence and application of some fine programming approaches to solve the problems, here they are, standing tall at the gate of SnackDown 2016 Finale.

All of them will put in their heart and souls to win the ultimate title of SnackDown 2016 Champion and we know that. So, while we wait for the finale, let us come together in commemorating their fine achievement and to acknowledge the brilliance of all the teams who participated in the 3rd edition of SnackDown.

Let’s start by giving you the final stats for SnackDown 2016:

  • Total teams registered: 13,388
  • Total no. of individuals who took part in the contest: 17238
  • No. of teams from college/university: 11784
  • No. of teams from school: 358
  • No. of teams from organization: 1090

The road to the finale was a lot harder than those numbers suggest. Trust us, it was. And here are the brainy geniuses who battled their way into the finals.

We start with the Best Girls Team:

  1. necrophagist

The Best Indian School Team:

  1. animeshf

The Top 25 Global Teams:

  1. deepdark
  2. sequoia
  3. team787788
  4. bbq_ribs
  5. fataleagleteam
  6. amrita11
  7. letit
  8. kussoooooooooo
  9. fallingflag
  10. pattern_avoid
  11. ahaoda
  12. con217
  13. shyy
  14. unpretired
  15. crteam
  16. trinity_team
  17. repairman
  18. aimtech
  19. gedi
  20. ika_san_team
  21. dmytro
  22. anta_t
  23. scorpions_lviv
  24. lebron23
  25. una2co

And finally, the Indian Top 25 Teams:

  1. dive_deep
  2. facelessmen
  3. win_snackdown
  4. removepg_iitk
  5. codegasm_69
  6. pojama
  7. tom_and_jerry
  8. never_retired7
  9. heuristicsiiit
  10. twelve_7
  11. novice_sd
  12. xorfire_snack
  13. rhaegal
  14. ms_idc
  15. survivor__iiti
  16. kaleidoscope
  17. lamecoders
  18. agt_2909
  19. pocket_ace
  20. persistence_
  21. logicmonks_
  22. zen___
  23. shubham_snck16
  24. alphago_skynet
  25. veidtkobe24

A huge round of applause for all our winners!

Now, as we announced, that top 15 teams from the global and Indian category, along with the all girls team and best Indian school team will be flown down for an all expense trip to the SnackDown 2016 Finale scheduled form 7th – 11th July 2016 at the CodeChef’s headquarters in Mumbai, India. As for the remaining 10 teams from both the categories, they can come at their expense, while their local transport and accommodation will be taken care by us. And should they win the SnackDown 2016, even their onsite travel expense will get reimbursed. This will be the first instance when some of the finest programming brains from all over the globe will be under one roof and we could not be more excited. We are sure you are too. So, while we wait for the competition, we will be sharing some interesting insights into the lives of our finalists in our #KnowYourSnackDownFinalist series of blog posts. So, keep watching this space as we approach towards the finale.

As we put pen down on this post, we would like to congratulate all our winners and participants from SnackDown 2016. We hope you are enjoying the contest.


Team CodeChef

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  1. In case if some teams are not able to reach on-site finals (due to some reason), will teams with lower ranks (< 25) be given opportunity for participating in on-site ?


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