Snackdown Training Camp, Day 1

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Lecture 1 : Persistence segment tree with its applications and merge sort tree. By Sergey Kulik.

Lecture Video


Lecture 2: Fast Fourier Transform and its applications. By Kevin Charles Atienza.

Lecture Video

Lecture 3: Max flow with its applications. By Anudeep Nekkanti

Lecture Video
List of Problems:

Lecture 4: Zeta Function and its applications to optimizations in dynamic programming. By Arjun Arul.

Lecture Video
Sample problems:

References for Yate’s DP, Fast Zeta and Mobius transforms

For further reading:

Lecture 5: Centroid decomposition and use of reflections in some combinatorial problems. By Akashdeep Nain

Lecture Video
Please check the following link for an amazing reference about the concept and related problems on Centroid Decomposition

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