A new academic calendar, a new long challenge

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It was pouring outside when we sat for our July Challenge 2016. The monsoon had arrived in its full glory. With a cup of coffee in hands and eyes set on the racing raindrops on the windows, we were all set for an exciting start to July. The build up for July Challenge 2016 could not have been better, with two straight months of programming action in different online rounds of SnackDown leading to the big onsite finale concealed during the course of July Challenge 2016. So, amid the rush of making arrangements for the teams arriving for the onsite finale, and the rush for a cover under the rains, the July Challenge 2016 started.

The problem set prepared by Egor Bobyk, Vasya Antoniuk, Dmytro Berezin, Andrii Omelianenko, Sergey Kulik, Le Mike, Praveen Dhinwa, Misha Chorniy, Kevin Charles Atienza, and Praveen Dhinwa was up for the munching at 15:00 Hrs on 1st July 2016. This was the final competition for the teams travelling to SnackDown Finale to try their hands on, while for others, it was the first long challenge for the new academic calendar. Everyone wanted to get it right.

In typical long challenge fashion, there was not a flurry of submissions coming in right from the start. There was a sense of calmness about the way the submissions were being made into the contest. Every problem was dealt with care and there was no rush to get as many problems as possible in the quickest time. As a matter of fact, most of the users stayed with the popular problems including POLYEVAL and EGRANDR, both of which saw a huge number of submissions. Among the other popular problems were CHEFTET, CHEFARC, and CHEFARC all of which saw in excess of 1K submissions during the 10-day duration of the contest.

While the increase in the submission counter was gradual and steady, the rank list too had a calmness about it, with very little to no change in the names appearing on the rank table. Ceilks, who started his contest with an AC on POLYEVAL in his first attempt, continued his impressive performance slowly but steadily bagging all 10 problems from the contest. Not too far behind ceilks were skyfire, rns4, xellos0, and mrip. They all too solved all the 10 problems. On the Indian rank table, though, there were some new names shaking things up. While jtnydv25, caught our attention by securing the top slot on the rank table, there were many other impressive performances. arjunsanjeev7, manish05, n1t1n_153012, manujain are just a few of the many names that deserve special mention and are the ones to watch out for in future contests as well.

They, and many other names like them were all shining brightly on our July Challenge 2016 rank list. And here they are for you all:

We start with the girls, and we only have 1 entry in that table. So, give a big round of applauds for:

And now the boys and we start with ROW top 10:

The Indian top 20:

Now, we move towards the special achievers with users having highest scores for challenge problem outside the winners. And this time, we had an interesting situation with this category with many users having the same score outside the winners. So, the prize goes to only the first one outside the winners’ category, both from ROW as well as India.

For ROW:

For India:

And now for the final category, we have our young champs from schools.

ROW top 5 School students:

Indian Top 5 school students:

That will be for the rank list from July Challenge 2016. A huge round of applauds for all our winners and for everyone who participated in the contest and made it a success.

Now let us give you the editorials for July Challenge 2016.

And with that, it’s time to draw curtains on this long pending July Challenge 2016 post and move quickly towards the remaining two tales from July. We will try to be quick with them and will post them soon.

Till then, keep coding and keep sending us your feedback, suggestions, or just a gentle banter at feedback@codechef.com.

That will be all for now, see you at the contests.


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