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July perhaps was the best month in the first half of the year. We started the month on 1st of July with July Challenge 2016, followed by the SnackDown 2016 Finals, Cook-Off, and finally everything culminating on the July LunchTime 2016 on the 31st July, 2016. In between there were many other challenges spread here and there, and we are sure you would have enjoyed each one of them. Now, we have already told the tales from the Challenge and Cook-Off, so it’s time now to revisit the LunchTime. So, shall we?

Created by an all Indian and rather young problem setting panel featuring Praveen Dhinwa, Animesh Fatehpuria, and Pushkar Mishra in company with our translation team including Hu Zecong, VNOI Team, and Vasya Antoniuk, the July LunchTime 2016 was all set to give an exciting farewell to July with its four fiery problems. That is not to say that they weren’t fun. With the names like Drumpf for President! and So Close Yet So Far the problems caught immediate attention of the participants, with the former getting the most of it. True to its name, So Close Yet So Far proved to be a tough nut to crack, with only 12 submissions out of the 900 on it getting the sweet green tick of happiness.

Now, our LunchTime contests have been a smooth affair, just like a flag-to-flag race. And we can say that for most of them. However, it wasn’t the case with July LunchTime 2016. However, the issue this time, was the time limit of CLOSEFAR, which was a tad on the higher side. It resulted in submissions taking longer than expected to execute and consequently the prolonged delay in getting the results for the submissions. As a result, we had to change the time limit for the problem twice, during the contest and had to extend the contest by 1 hour. So, the participants got 1 more hour to play with the problems.

All those issues had no effect on the proceedings on the rank table though. For the very first time an Indian school student was emerging atop the global rank table. And it was rajat1603. No surprises there. rajat1603 has gone from strength to strength with every passing contest and it was just one of his vintage performances. The other LunchTime legends including aktl, fleimgruber, and vladik were all present right at the top of the rank table. But with a margin of 50 points rajat1603 took home the July LunchTime 2016.

Who else stood where? Lets find it out through our rank list.

First, we have ROW top 10:

  • aktl of Almaty Kazakh – Turkish High School
  • na2a of Aktobe Kazakh -Turkish High School
  • fleimgruber of Höhere technische Bundeslehranstalt Leonding Limesstraße 12-14 Leonding
  • vladik of Club of Young Firefighters, Mozyr
  • sanroylozan of Debreceni Fazekas Mihály Gimnázium
  • kmcode of Omori 7th Junior High School
  • iman_gh of Allameh Helli High Schools
  • rubabredwan of Rajshahi University School
  • nurbakhyt of Almaty Kazakh – Turkish High School
  • gandook of Allameh Helli High Schools

Now, the Indian top 10:

After the rank list let’s have a walk through the editorials, which we are sure you must have enjoyed as much as the problems. So, here they are once again for you:

And that will be it, from the July LunchTime 2016. We now move towards August contests and will try and serve them soon.

Till then, do let us know your thoughts on the problems, the contest, and this post. You can send them to us at or can post them straight on the comment section below. We love reading them all.

That will be all from us for now.

See you at the contests.

– Rudreshwar
Team CodeChef

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