The duck, the cube and the ball.

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It was around three years ago, when our team mate, Suraj, had asked us to implement an automated system of sending goodies. We were struggling to deliver the users their winnings on time and quite a few of them would never reach their intended users. Not responded emails, faulty stale addresses, goodies getting lost in transit and tracking issues; left us hassled. We altered processes, included more checkpoints, reached out to our users, but nothing seemed to work.

Quite naturally, we liked the suggestion. The idea was to switch from a “push the goodie” system to “pull the goodie” one. Let the responsibility of getting a goodie be given to the users. We realised this would solve additional problems too, like the same user getting the same goodie multiple times, by giving her more options of accumulating points and winning something of a higher value.

This year, our growing struggle made us pick this up as a gift to ourselves and our users, as we turned seven. In the summer, with our intern, Raju Varshney, putting his hands up, we finally decided to put an all out effort to get this out. While he took up the coding, the rest of us scampered around to get an exciting new list of goodies prepared. And eventually the new system got ready to be served.

However, one thing at CodeChef is that we are a team full of pranksters! We love playing pranks on each other and we thought this to be a great time to include our users. It was long back that we did something similar and since then we have hardly done anything that grave! And this provided us with the perfect opportunity. It also served us as an experiment.

While we implemented the new system, we also decided to change the goodies to those of no monetary value to be considered as a token of appreciation for the effort put by the users. We wanted to see whether all our users want a goodie of monetary value or is it the winning that matters? We added three fun goodies on the site and kept our fingers crossed to see if one can spend her hard earned laddus against something that wasn’t initially promised – the duck, the cube and the ball.

And what we got was a pleasant surprise! Though we got a lot of criticism on the selection of our new goodies, we did find some of our users placing orders to actually get them! Kudos to them! Though we are removing those dummy goodies, we promise to give these users what they have ordered while reverting their laddus into their accounts. We had loads of fun and we hope that you would not mind this small prank of ours.

With this, we unveil the new goodie system. We have credited all your pending winnings as laddus into your account. Go ahead and check them out and have a look at the new goodies. And order whatever you like. We believe you will like some of them. In case you have any doubts or concerns regarding your laddus, do send us an email to Do not forget to read our terms and conditions to get more insight into the process and to not be disappointed later. We promise it is a good read.


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