Challenge the CodeChef test cases with uDebug

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Nothing pleases us more than making learning to program fun for you. One such opportunity came our way when we met Vinit at the ACM-ICPC World Finals in Phuket, Thailand. Vinit Shah had given a passionate presentation of his platform called uDebug, which was an unknown entity to us until then.

We instantly liked uDebug as we had been wanting to provide something similar to our users but were unable to take it up. One of the objectives of uDebug is to help you debug your solutions by suggesting input test cases of a problem for which the system will show you the output of a solution that’s been deemed “accepted”. Which certainly makes debugging a lot of fun. For us, it can also serve to strengthen the test cases for problems which may have weak test data. There have been incidents in the past where users have reported weak test cases for our problems but there has been no mechanism to validate and get them added.

We instantly discussed a possible collaboration between CodeChef and uDebug by providing users an interface ( to challenge the test cases for CodeChef’s problems. It meant that now you will have the power to test any problem of CodeChef against your test cases and if the community agrees with you, you can get them added on CodeChef.

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that you can now try your test cases for CodeChef problems on uDebug.

What it means for you as a user is:

  1. We have added problems from our practice section (excluding the Beginner and Peer section) to uDebug for you to try your test cases on. Feel free to go there and experiment with your test data and debug solutions to those problems that you have not been able to solve.

  2. If your test cases pass and find enough love from the community, they will be added to the problems.

How do I report a weak test case?

  1. If you discover that test cases for a problem on CodeChef is weak, add your suggested (stronger) test cases on uDebug and flag the problem.

  2. If your suggested test cases gets enough up-votes from the community, just send them to us at:

  3. We will add those test cases to the problem.

  4. That’s it.

  5. And as always, there will be a reward waiting for you. What it will be, you will get to know when you report it.

We hope you enjoy playing around on uDebug and we look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration with them.

That will be all from us for now.

Happy Coding!


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  1. Are all problems out there in udebug ? I had made a test case for DIVMAC from SPET-16 long challenge which I think gives TLE for some of the AC codes. Could’t find the problem on udebug.

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