The tough course of September LunchTime 2016

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After two big contests in September Challenge & Cook-Off, the wait for September LunchTime 2016 seemed like eons. You already know how eager we get when it comes to our LunchTime contests. After all, who wouldn’t want to see the young programmers from schools battling it out on a fine Saturday evening? To notch that all up a bit, we had the registrations going on for the upcoming ACM ICPC 2016 – 2017 India regionals, which meant the competition was already on among the aspiring teams to better each other. It just gave us one more reason to look forward to LunchTime. So, we cleared our Saturday evening calendar and kept it all for September LunchTime 2016.

The problem set for the contest came from Misha Chorniy and was tested by Sergey Kulik, accompanying them on the problem setting panel were Pawel Kacprzak, Praveen Dhinwa, Team VNOI, and Hu Zecong, all donning different roles. For every contest we expect a nicely balanced problem set, however, this time around the problems were on exact opposite ends of the difficulty level. While the easiest of them all Chef and Inequality saw over 900 successful submissions, Chef and Words, which turned to be hardest among the four, saw only 8 submissions.  Even the situation for the remaining two was pretty identical with 19 and 9 submissions for Chef and Tree and Chef and Triangles respectively.

On the rank table though, the battle was as fierce as ever.  And even the start of the contest was pretty good with plenty of ACs in the first half an hour. Most of them though, were on Chef and Inequality, but that is normal and we have seen in many of our contests where most of the submissions in the early stages of the contest come on one single problem only. The first one to taste the sweet nectar of AC was anta0 and it took him only a minute to get that. Soon to follow him were zscoder, nuip, vladik, iman_gh and many others with their ACs on Chef and Inequality. In the first 5 participants to have received an AC, we had two from schools. So, with that, the battle among the school students was on. No, Indian school student was able to make an appearance in the first 50 submissions into the contest. And that was a tad surprising.

While the absence of Indian school students was a bit surprising, the battle between zscoder, kmcode, and austin990301 made up for that. None of the three however, were able to crack all four problems and that affirmed the tough nature of the problems. And to find out who emerged victorious after battling with the problems till the very end, let us take you to the rank table of our September Challenge 2016.

We start with the ROW top 10:

  • zscoder of Chung Ling High School
  • kmcode of Omori 7th Junior High School
  • austin990301 of High School of National Taiwan Normal University
  • iman_gh of Allameh Helli High Schools
  • tasmeemreza of SOS Hermann Gmeiner School and College
  • phoenix1369 of Don Mills Collegiate Institute
  • nurbakhyt of Almaty Kazakh – Turkish High School
  • vladik of Club of Young Firefighters, Mozyr
  • mrkerim of Bashkent Turkmen-Turkish High School
  • capawesome of Nancho Popovich Maths and Science High School Shumen, Bulgaria

And now the Indian top 10:

Congratulations to you all on your blistering performance and to everyone who took part in the contest.

Now, we move towards the editorials for the contest and considering the difficult nature of the contest, we presume you all would be eager to munch on them if you have not already. So, let us take you straight to them.

And with that, we are done with all our pending blog posts. We hope you enjoyed them all, even though they were a tad behind their scheduled. We are working on your punctuality and will try and publish all the future posts in a reasonable time, after the contest. So, while we work on our punctuality, you join the ongoing October Challenge 2016 and give your ACM ICPC 2016 – 2017 preparations the final touches.

If you have any queries, concerns, or questions you can always write to us at:

Till next time, adios.

See you at the contests.

– Rudreshwar
Team CodeChef

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