A refreshed rank table, with some exciting debutants

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As we enter the final months of the year, the excitement levels go beyond the roofs. Whether it’s the excitement of the impending festival season or if you are a programmer, the excitement of the ACM ICPC season, it’s just tough to stay calm and normal during these few months. And finally, there’s excitement to bid adieu another year on a high. So, whatever it is that you are looking forward to and whatever it is that is keeping you excited, we are very happy for you. We are a sweet tooth, so we will be honest with you; we are more excited about the sweets than the festivals. So, whatever it is that you are celebrating in the coming few months, do share the sweetness with us. For now, we have the sweets from the recently concluded October Challenge 2016 for you, so let us share them with you.

First, let’s meet the chefs responsible for the sweets that you devoured during the contest, say hello to Alexey Zayakin, who also doubled as the problem tester for the contest, Dmytro Berezin, Maksym Bevza, Sergey Nagin & Vasia Antoniuk. A big round of applauds for our problem setters. Accompanying them on the problem setting bench were Sergey Kulik (Russian), Team VNOI (Vietnamese) & Hu Zecong (Mandarin) as translators, and of course, the contest admin Praveen Dhinwa. With all those gentlemen having enough contests setting experience under their belt, we knew we are in safe hands. And even though, there were minor queries and questions during the contest, overall we had smooth 10 days of programming action from 7th to 17th of October, 2016.

With problem setters ready with the problems and we ready with the platform, it was now up to you, the participants to come and get the party going. And that’s exactly what happened when the clock struck 3 pm IST on 7th of October. It took only 2 minutes for anta0 to crack CHEFKEY it was only the second submission into the contest, so it’s safe to say that we were off to a flyer. After that majority of the submissions into the contest were on CHEFKEY, making it easy for the participants to figure out the easy problem. Or so everyone thought. While everyone was busy trying to get past CHEFKEY, few wise men tried their hand on CHDOGS and found it rather easy as well. The first one to do so was eonx_32. And as the accuracy levels of both the problems suggest there wasn’t much of a difference in the two in terms of difficulty level.

As for the other problems, though, it wasn’t a walk in the part for many who tried them. Right from Fenwick Iterations to Tree Balancing, none of the remaining eight problems in the contest made life easy for the participants, resulting in scarcity of green ticks on the submission table. However, as always there were users who were enjoying the contest to the fullest. Among the ones who enjoyed the most were min_25, who seem to have developed a taste for long challenges as he has only participated in them. We wonder how he will fare in the Cook-Off’s. What do you think; will he be able to deliver the same performance? Accompanying him on the rank table were few new names, including the likes of ccz181078, dukkha, dario2994, and philipsweng. It is worth mentioning that it was the debut contest for ccz181078 and dukkha. And going by the debut, we can only expect some incredible performances from them in near future. Just like that, there were many intriguing names adorning the rank tables, so let’s take a walk down the rank table and meet all of them. Shall we?

Let’s start with the ladies:

Now, the men, we start with top 10 ROW:

The Indian top 20:

And now the little wonders from schools –

First the ROW top 5:

The Indian top 5:

Now, the top scorers (outside our winners) for our Challenge problem SEAARI:

We start with the ROW:

Now, the Indian top 3:

A huge round of applauds for all our winners!

After the contest, everyone flocks for the editorials. However, lately there has been some delay in serving them. And we apologize for that. We would try and serve them as soon as the contest is over. So, while we prepare and garnish the remaining editorials, you go and enjoy the ones that are piping hot.

That will be all from everyone here at CodeChef. We will see you at the October Cook-Off 2016. We hope you are ready for and action packed Sunday night.

If you have any doubts, questions, or feedback regarding the October Challenge 2016 or any aspect of it, feel free to send write to us at feedback@codechef.com.

See you at the contests.

– Rudreshwar
Team CodeChef

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