The battle with the Holiday Hangover & November Challenge 2016

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November brings out a gamut of emotions in all of us. While some are happy, for it takes them one step closer to the end of the year, some are sad, for it marks the end of the festive season and takes them back to schools/colleges/work. Whichever of the two aforementioned brackets you belong to, we are with you, so let us get on with November. And why not, not much has changed from October to November. Yes, the temperature has dropped down a few degrees, but the colorful decorations are still on, and you can already see the kids gearing up for Christmas. So, keeping up the festive spirits high, let’s set ourselves up for the final two months of 2016, starting off with November Challenge 2016.

With the temperatures constantly going down, our November Challenge 2016 brought the action indoors for the programming enthusiasts with its problems. On the problem setting panel we had Alexey Ruben, Ke Bi, Vadym Prokopec, Lalit Kundu, Maksym Bevza, Andrii Omelianenko, Roman Kachur, Sergey Nagin, Sergey Kulik, Hasan Jadah, Hu Zecong, Team VNOI & Praveen Dhinwa. Now, keeping the holiday hangover in mind, our problem setters had created the problem set light enough for everyone to have fun, and tough enough to get them ready for the final stages of 2016. So, let’s see how the participants fared in the contest.

Now, whether you are a seasoned campaigner or a rookie just coming through ranks, it’s never easy to hit the ground running after a prolonged holiday season. So, it wasn’t easy for the early joiners of the contest to get it right either. After a long time we were seeing the dreaded red cross of WA dominate the green tick of happiness, especially in the early stages of the contest. Call it the post holiday slack or the well disguised problem set, inside the first half an hour of the contest we had submissions on four of the ten problems into the contest. And not many of them were accepted. However, as the time went on, we started seeing more green ticks and lesser red crosses.

antoniuk1, among all the early joiners of the contest had the best start bagging CHSQR and CPERM with two ACs of his first three submissions. He was soon, overtaken by anta0, who got the same two problems in two straight ACs. But his lead did not last long, as antoniuk1 struck back with an AC on GIFTCHEF. With the scarcity of green ticks on the rank table, it was the fight between these two that gave the contest an exciting start. And unaware of what was to follow, we enjoyed this early battle to the fullest.

The scene on the second day of the contest was pretty much the same, except for the difference that ceilks had announced his arrival with a barrage of submissions on the challenge problem SEAWCU. Now, when someone goes straight after the big fish, you are bound to question their intent. However, this time around ceilks had made it pretty clear, and who are we to question his intentions. One after another, the ACs started following and before we could react, he already had solved 7 and was closing in on the eighth. And he was in no hurry to finish the contest either. He took his sweet time to play around with the problems before bagging them. acyume though, did seem to be in a hurry, or at least that is what we inferred after he solved 5 problems in 5 straight submissions. He was finally stopped by KIRMEME, which eventually became his 6th, but not before keeping him busy for quite a good amount of time. After seeing these performances, we got the feeling that, one of them very well could take home the November Challenge 2016, unless we have a surprise rise. And eventually there were no surprises and ceilks was crowned the winner of November Challenge 2016 with a score of perfect 1000.

A big round of applauds for him. Now, let’s meet his counterparts at various positions on the rank table:

We start with the top 10 participants from ROW:

Now, the Indian top 20:

Now, we move on to the special achievers category. Let’s start with our little wonders from schools:

Top 5 School kids from ROW:

Top 5 School kids from India:

Now, the top challenge problems solvers other than the winners.

We start with the top 3 solvers from ROW:

We start with the top 3 solvers from India:

Big congratulations to all you wonderful people for making the November Challenge 2016 a success.

And now, the final stats from the contest:

  • Total Users: 4971
  • Total Submissions: 64500
  • Number of distinct users with correct submissions: 4146
  • Total users from India: 1376
  • Total users not from India: 3595

We hope each one of you who joined the contest enjoyed it as much as we did, putting it up for you.

It’s editorial time now. If you have not gone through them, here they are for you.

That will be all from November Challenge 2016. We hope you enjoyed the post as much as you enjoyed the contest. If you have any specific event or performance that amazed you during the contest kindly do let us know. You can shoot an email to or reach us through our social media streams. We love hearing from you guys so keep writing to us.

Till next time, adios.

See you at the contests.

– Rudreshwar
Team CodeChef

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