The Slow and Steady November Cook-Off 2016

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A lot happened in the month of November, both on national as well as international front. From political changes to the financial transformation, there was just a little too much going on around the world to take your attention elsewhere. Not that we had any plans to. But it’s always good to clear that out. So, we decided to do what we know and sat down for the second last Cook-Off of 2016, the November Cook-Off 2016. On the problem setting bench for the contest, we had Istavan Nagy, Kevin Charles Atienza, and the contest admin Praveen Dhinwa. Joining our problem setters with their translations were Hu Zecong, Sergey Kulik, and Team VNOI.

We knew that while some of the participants are coming from a long holiday season, some will be looking at one, when we sit for November Cook-off 2016. And in both the conditions, expecting a blistering start to the contest seemed rather unrealistic. So, with no-to-minimum expectations in mind, we welcomed our Cook-Off Sunday. And it worked brilliantly for us.

We had a smooth start to COOK76. However, that was only for us. The contestants, though, seemed to have trouble finding their way around the problems. Of the first 50 submissions that we received, we only had 2 accepted submissions. And while that was shocking, what made it even interesting was the fact that 4 out our 5 problems from the contest had already seen a submission. Not necessarily an accepted one, but a submission nonetheless. The only problem that did not get a submission was SELECT. The lack of green ticks on the rank table made it hard for the participants to find out the easiest problem and bag it.

The first AC of the contest came from watcher on SETELE after 10 minutes into the contest; the second one came from chemthan on SECUBE quickly after the first. However, the two different problems seeing green ticks caused a whole lot of confusion as a lot of submissions started flowing on their directions considering them the easy. However, everyone who tried them could confirm that they were anything but easy. It remained that way for a while and even though the flow of submission was not as smooth as some of our other contests, some activity had begun on the submission table and we were pleased to have it.

The real action, though, started after about half an hour into the contest when al13n and uwi joined the contest almost at the same time. While, al13n cracked SEBIHWY in his first attempt, uwi got SETELE as his first. For their second submissions, it seemed as if they exchanged the problems, as uwi went for SEBIHWY and al13n went for SETELE, and there wasn’t a huge difference in the submission times either. There was a difference in the results though. While uwi got his right, al13n had to face RTE. And that’s where the difference started to build up. Joining them in the fight for the top was chemthan, one of the earlier submitters into the contest.

All that and the slow submission rate made it very clear that the contest isn’t an easy nut to crack. So, slow and steady seemed to be the mantra for success. And to find out who used it to perfection, let us take you through the rank table.

We start with ROW top 10:

Now, the Indian top 10:

A big round of applauds for all our winners. We hope you enjoyed the contest.

After the hard-fought places on the rank table, let us take you to the editorials for November Cook-Off 2016. We hope you have gone through them all, but if you have not, here they are for you.

And that sums up the tale of November Cook-off 2016 and takes us one step closer to the final Cook-Off of the year 2016. So, while we set the arena for the final party of the year you enjoy the winters with your preferred choice of beverage and with our sizzling contests.

We will come back soon with the tale from the November LunchTime 2016.

Till next time, adios.

See you at the contests.

– Rudreshwar
Team CodeChef

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