ACM ICPC Kolkata Regionals 2016 – Live Updates

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Welcome to ACM ICPC Kolkata Regional 2016, the last leg regional before the India Final!
Animesh and I will be giving you live updates throughout the contest. Stay tuned!

Live Leaderboard
Mirror Contest

10:00 IST: Contest has begun.

10:10 IST: FruitSalad is the first team to get an accepted submission. Problem B it is!

10:15 IST: Several teams have got correct submissions on Problem J now! It seems to be the easiest problem in the set.

10:30 IST: Team Whipslash from NSIT is now at Rank 1 with 3 problems solved. They have solved problems B, H and J.

11:00 IST: FruitSalad is the first team to solve 4 problems! They are now leading.
The Mirror Contest has now started as well.

11:25 IST: Team Whipslash and Team n82696 are at rank 2 and 3 respectively with 4 problems each. The top 6 teams have solved 4 problems uptil now.

There are a total of 12 problems in today’s contest. There are 85 successful submissions on J, 71 on B and 49 on H.

We now have 2 Accepted Submissions on Problem E!

An interesting stat – There have been more than 20 Accepted Submissions in Python today. The language has been newly introduced at ICPC this year and it seems to have become quite popular among the participants.

Some teams seem to be trying Problem K at the moment.

We have 5 distinct problems already solved – J, B, H, F, E.

11:57 IST: 12 teams now have 4 problems solved.

12:04 IST: Team solah have solved 5 problems and have taken over the lead from FruitSalad!

Sumeet Verma seems to be checking his code before submitting on problem E.

Sumeet Varma from Team FruitSalad.

12:05 IST: Aaaand FruitSalad get their 5th AC in the  contest!! They’re back at rank 1. They didn’t let solah hold the lead even for a minute!

Team FruitSalad

A glimpse of Team Rocket’s monitor.

12:18 IST
: Team Rocket has solved problem A! The problem statement is really interesting 🙂

12:30 IST: FruitSalad solve Problem L.

12:44 IST: Triangulations have done Problem K! FruitSalad lead with 6 problems.

Meanwhile, in the Mirror Contest we have Rajat De‘s team leading with 6 problems.

Total 8 distinct problems have now been solved and only one team has solved 6 problems. This seems to be a set with a good variety of problems, that suits to teams with different strengths.

1:14 IST: The competition just got more interesting as Triangulation have solved their 6th problem!! They are now at Rank 2, lagging behind FruitSalad only based on time penalty. This is going to be one intense battle between Triangulation and FruitSalad.

Team Triangulation.

1:20 IST: Triangulation seem to be trying Problem K and FruitSalad seem to be trying Problem L.

Triangulation coding Problem K.

FruitSalad coding Problem L.

1:25 IST: Team Rocket joins the party with 6 problems in their kitty. They’ve replaced Triangulation for the number 2 spot at the moment! What a contest this is turning out to be!

With 1 hour 45 minutes left for the contest to end, who do you think will the winner be today? Give a shoutout to the team you support in the comments section!

1:36 IST: Triangulation now have 7 problems solved and are leading the ranklist!

1:54 IST: Triangulation seem to be trying the unsolved Problem C.
Meanwhile, FruitSalad seem to have written a brute-force to verify their solution.

Triangulation coding C.

FruitSalad debugging Problem L.

1:59 IST: Team Rocket solve Problem I to claim the top spot!

The last hour of this contest is going to be really, really interesting. To keep the mystery alive, we won’t be giving you updates after the scoreboard freezes.
We now have 9 distinct problems solved in the contest.

3:00 IST: The contest has ended. This has to be one of the most exciting Indian regionals we have witnessed in recent past.

Animesh presenting solutions of today’s problems.

Finally, let’s present to you the top teams on the leaderboard today, after a grueling contest!

3rd Runner-up – Team How you doing from IIIT Bangalore who solved 7 problems.

2nd Runner up – Team Triangulation from IIT Roorkee – solved 8 problems.

1st Runner up – Team FruitSalad from DAIICT – solved 8 problems.

And, the winning team – Team Rocket from IIT Bombay – with 10 problems solved!!

That’s it from our side for the ACM ICPC Kolkata Regional 2016. Up next is the ACM ICPC India Final which is to take place on December 30. We’ll see you then!

– Vaibhav Tulsyan

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