A quick look back at November LunchTime 2016

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Even though we are here in Mumbai a rather tropical part of India with very little to minimum winters, somehow, this final part of the year makes us lazy. As a result we fall behind on putting up some important post contest blogs, not many, but few. And the year 2016 has been no exception. So, we would like to apologize for the missed blog posts and will try to publish all the missing ones, before taking on the posts for year 2017.

These posts will be a tad concise, so if you think we have missed any important event or something worth mentioning, do let us know in the comments section.

We start with the final contest of November, the November LunchTime 2016. With an all Indian problem setting and testing panel featuring Praveen Dhinwa and Animesh Fatehpuria, the November LunchTime 2016 promised some beautiful and delectable problems. And the participants comprehended that, as soon as the contest started.

We knew that the students are coming out of a big festive seasons and are staring at another big one too. What we didn’t know was that, the festive season had hardly made them any lethargic. The contest started at 7:30 pm IST and we got our first AC at 7:33 pm IST on CHEFSTUD. And it was soon followed by a flurry of AC on CHEFSTUD and few more on CHEFSSET. The plethora of ACs against the two aforementioned problems made the difficulty level of the problems rather apparent. So, the flow of submissions was almost in their direction only, with every now and then, someone trying their hand on the other two.

And while CHEFSTUD & CHEFSSET brought the initial smiles for the participants, it were TOMJERGA and BALANPOL, which seemed like the deciding factor for who stands where on the rank table. So, let’s head over the rank list and meet the top 20 schools students from our November LunchTime 2016.

We start with the ROW top 10:

Now, the Indian top 10:

A big round of applause for everyone on the rank table and for everyone who participated in the contest! You all did well.

For those looking to have a better look at the solutions of the problems from our November LunchTime 2016, we have the editorials waiting for you. So, head over to the link below and let the nom begin.

And with that, it’s time to put the pen down on this curtailed tail of November LunchTime and quickly move towards the pending stories of December. So, that will be all from us folks. We will come back soon, with three more exciting stories from our December contests.

Till then, keep coding and if you have any queries or feedback, shoot them our way at: feedback@codechef.com.

– Rudreshwar
Team CodeChef

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