Rajat stamps his authority, once again

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When you have a big day tomorrow, you tend to calm down, relax, and just prepare your mind for it. It holds true for many big sportsperson, many big movie stars, and pretty much everyone, except for programmers. Programmers are the most restless creatures on the night before. And after being with, knowing, and interacting with so many programmers over the years, we certainly can assert that. It was not different the night before the first ACM ICPC 2016 India regional was scheduled to take place at Hindustan University. Knowing that most of the top programmers in the country will either be travelling for the onsite event, or will be relaxing at home to compete in the coming ones, we thought it’s an ideal situation for a newcomer to rise and shine. And we could not have been far from the truth.

That he is talented and perhaps an emerging legend in the Indian programming world is something we have been hearing about rajat1603. Time and again, he even has proved it in various competitions. From being among the top school teams to come for the SnackDown 2015 Onsite to being one of the few school students to have secured a place in top 5 in our Cook-Offs, he has proven his mettle time and again. And the December Cook-Off 2016 was yet another display of his sheer brilliance. This time though, the setup had changed a tad.

He no longer is a school student, he was competing in his very first ACM ICPC Regional, and just like himself, his counterparts in uwi, yenthanh132, biginnnner, and many others had evolved too. And considering all that, we thought a night before his first ACM ICPC regional he might want to catch a breather and focus his energy on the big day tomorrow. He, on the other hand, had totally different plans. The December Cook-Off 2016 started sharply at 09:30 pm on 18th December 2016 and in the very first minute, CHEFSETC was cracked by, you guessed it, rajat1603. One minute is all it took him to crack the first problem of our Cook-Off. If that doesn’t send strong signals to your counterparts, we don’t know what does. And with that, it was on.

Contrary to the blistering start from Rajat, uwi had a slippery start when he got TLE in his first submission on CHEFINS. However, he was quick to recover and bagged his first AC inside the first 8 minutes of the contest as he cracked CHEFSETC. If truth be told, CHEFSETC was almost solved by everyone who attempted it. Off the first 100 submissions into the contest, 98 were on CHEFSETC, and that made it obvious that it was the easiest problem in the contest. However, getting the easy problem quickly doesn’t win you the Cook-Off. So, it was better for the participants to move on to the other problems as soon as they can, and they did.

Rajat grabbed his second in CHEFARRB in the 8th minute of the contest, while uwi took further 10 minutes to crack the same. By this time, the competition was nicely balanced. But then, uwi decided to revisit CHEFINS, however, nothing changed this time as well, TLE is what he got this time as well. By this time, Rajat had already cracked CHEFNUMK and got a significant lead over uwi. With 3 problems to his name inside the first 45 minutes of the contest, Rajat seemed comfortably cruising to the top. However, CHEFINS was not easy for him either. It took him more than half an hour to get it right. That’s pretty much the time he needed to crack the first three problems of the contest. But once he got that, with no penalty to his name, it pretty much sealed the deal for him. And a top slot for him into the contest was almost assured, however, there still was a problem unsolved, yet no one had attempted it and with uwi struggling CHEFINS it was highly unlikely that he was going to attempt that one. So we sat back and waited for the final bell to ring and find out whether 4 out of 4 ACs can get Rajat a Cook-Off win, and turns out they could.

With that Rajat had sent a strong signal to all his counterparts competing with him at the ACM ICPC regionals. And he didn’t disappoint at the regionals either. If you were following our ACM ICPC live coverage, you would know what we are talking about. For now, let us quickly take you to the rank table for December Cook-Off 2016 and see who stood where.

We start with the Global top 10:

Now, the Indian top 10:

Let’s give it up for all our winners and for all you wonderful people on your performances in the contest.

The fifth problem from COOK77 i.e. CHEFTRI4 remained solved during the contest, which makes the editorials of the contest even more important. So, if you are still wondering around CHEFTRI4, check out the editorials for the contest below and get over it.

And that completes the tale of the December Cook-Off 2016. We hope you enjoyed the contest and its tale. If you have any interesting insight, story, or any event that made COOK77 memorable for you, kindly do share it with us.

With that, there remains only 1 final story from our contests in the year 2016, that is the December LunchTime 2016 and we will publish that too very soon. Till then, keep watching this space, keep sharing the stories you like and do let us know what you think of our contests and their stories.

That will be all for now from everyone here at CodeChef.

Till next time, adios.

– Rudreshwar
Team CodeChef

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