January LunchTime 2017: Turning WAs to ACs with persistence

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Set on the mildly chilly Saturday night, the January LunchTime 2017 didn’t have much chill about itself. Set by our LunchTime veteran Sergey Kulik, all the four problems of the contest was cooked to perfection to satisfy the taste buds of our young budding programmers from school. And they seemed to be enjoying them as well.

The problems were tested contest ready by Pawel Kacprazk, to ensure that the users have fun with them, without too many of them pulling their hairs off. The nicely balanced problem set made life easy for the participants in the early stages. The scenes changed in the latter stages, though. With NOTINCOM, almost all the early comers got their first taste of sweet nectar of AC. Right from the first five minutes into the contest to the very final minutes of the contest, the submissions kept coming in. Some correct, some not.

Now, while everyone was bagging NOTINCOM and getting the green tick against their name on the rank table, there were some who started their journey into the contest with WA as their first submission. We are talking about our winner’s ccz181078 and swm_sxt. The only two people from the contest who eventually were able to solve all the four problems from the contest, but no one would have guessed that going by the way they started the contest. They both started the contest with SEALUP, which proved to a hard nut to crack. More for swm_sxt than ccz181078, who moved to NOTINCOM after getting two red crosses, and bagged it in the first attempt. swm_sxt, on the other hand, spent almost 30 mins trying to crack SEALUP and after 10 WAs, 1 compilation error, he finally got it.

The January LunchTime 2017 was yet another reminder for us and any buddy programmer that if you have patience and determination, you can get past even the hardest of the problems. And we have seen it in the past as well. There were many others who showed great persistence and grit to secure their place on the rank table. And we applaud every such performance; in our contests or any contest that we witness. Now, to meet the table toppers let us take you through the rank table of January LunchTime 2017.

Drum rolls!

Let’s start with ROW top 10:

  • ccz181078 of Shantou Jinshan High School
  • swm_sxt of Shantou Jinshan High School
  • yylidiw of Shantou Jinshan High School
  • darkkcyan of Trường THPT Chuyên Hoàng Văn Thụ
  • mysteryname of Mahidol Wittayanusorn School
  • sanroylozan of Debreceni Fazekas Mihály Gimnázium
  • ruhanhabib39 of Regent Educare, Malibagh First Ln, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • aktl of Almaty Kazakh – Turkish High School
  • arpa of Atomic Energy High School
  • suleyman of Bashkent Turkmen-Turkish High School

Now, the Indian top 10:

These names might have occupied the top ten slots in their respective categories, but there were quite a lot of other names as well, that grabbed our attention with their performances; some debutants, some coming through ranks, we saw them all. If you have any favorite performer or someone who you think we should keep an eye on, do let us know of the future superstar in the comments section below.

Now, it’s editorial time. If you participated in the contest but were not able to crack all four of the problems, they are your best friends, if you were able to crack all four then use them to fine tune your prep for coming contests. Basically, just go through them they are good for you.

And with that, it’s time to say goodbye and move towards the shortest month of the year, but with plenty to love about it. We will be back soon with all the stores from the stories of February contests, so keep watching this space.

If you have feedback, suggestions, or query regarding CodeChef or any aspect of it, catch us at feedback@codechef.com

See you at the contests.

– Rudreshwar
Team CodeChef

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