The overstretched February Challenge 2017

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The shortest month of the year, February passes by so quickly that before you know it, you are staring at the busy exam season approaching towards you with March. With everyone busy putting the final touches to their final exam preparations, the seriousness in the air is rather evident. Any little break or source of entertainment is highly anticipated. And that’s what our February Challenge 2017 offered the programming enthusiasts buried deep into the books brushing up on their final lessons. But even it had its own fair share of calamities, to trouble the participants and to us. So, let’s have a closer look at the February Challenge 2017 in this delayed and curtailed tale from the contest.

Spread over the Valentine’s week, the February Challenge 2017 did not have the perfect start with a plethora of WAs dominating the maximum real estate on the rank table. There were sightings of green ticks as well, but a tad less prominent than some of the other contests we have seen. Interestingly, the problems attempted in the opening hours of the contest were spread all over the difficulty spectrum of the contest, with CHEFBEST being the one to see maximum submissions in the earlier stages of the contest. Among the other early favorites were KBIGNUMB, SEAINVS, MAKETRI, and CHEFAPAR. To have received submissions on 5 different problems in the first half an hour of the contest was something that we had not seen too often here at CodeChef, so we were quite excited about the prospect of the contest and where it will go. And that set us all nicely for the coming ten days of the contest.

We started the contest with 7 problems in the offering, all of which were accepted gracefully by the participants, with CHEFAPAR getting the maximum love. Despite the scattered submissions all over the problems, the contest had a rather smooth start with participants enjoying the problems to the fullest. Things were going smoothly on the rank table as well, with the battle to the top getting fiery with every passing day. However, all that calmness was marred by a glitch in the problems KBIGNUMB & CHEFBEST, both of which were removed from the contest almost midway. Now, since a number of participants were affected by the said glitch, precautionary measures were taken to make up for the loss.

We added two new problems to replace the marred two, and the contest was further extended by 6 days to make up for lost time of the users. As a result, we were at the receiving end of participants’ angst. However, things were got restored in the second of the contest as enough time added time made up for the loss of the participants. And with that, once again the battle to the top was on. It was the comparatively beginner jobasha and the seasoned campaigners ceilks, skyfire, and sokian. It was nice to see jobasha presenting a strong fight to his opponents in his very second contest. And now to see how every fared in the contest let’s have a closer look at the rank table and meet our winners.

We start with the women:

The global top 10:

Now, the Indian top 20:

ROW top 5 school students:

Indian top 5 school students:

Now for the special achiever’s category, we move to the highest scorers of the challenge problem outside the winners.

First, the ROW top 3:

Now, the Indian top 3:

Heartiest congratulations to all our wonderful participants, we hope you enjoyed the extended February Challenge 2017, despite the minor glitches at the beginning.

Problems with February Challenge 2017 didn’t end with the end of the contest, we also took a blow on our editorials. Due to some unavoidable reasons, we have not been able to upload the editorials for the contest even now. We deeply regret the delay and assure you that the delay has not been for no reason and we will be uploading them soon.

With that, we would like to take your leave as we move towards the other pending posts from our February and March contests. We will pen them down soon and will come back with some more interesting stories from our contests.

Till then, keep coding and do share your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions on our contests.

See you at the contests.

– Rudreshwar
Team CodeChef

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