SnackDown 2017 is here and this time it is truly Open!

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It was during SnackDown 2016 that we witnessed the finest programmers from across the globe competing on a single stage for the first time in India. We thoroughly enjoyed watching top school programmers take on the top university and professional programmers. There are many such moments during the previous editions that we cherish. And with all the fond memories in our kitty, we are super excited and eagerly looking forward to the 4th edition of SnackDown. The preparations are up, we began with the first steps for scouting and finalising the best possible dates for the competition. We did a couple of surveys within the community and we present the results below.

A sneak peak through the survey results.

Survey 1:

The first survey was taken up by 654 players. Of those, 76.1% were available for the proposed day of online qualifying round (5th May to 7th may) while the rest voted out with primary reasons being end semester exams and summer internship.

Despite a majority percentage of players being available, we had to opt out of the proposed dates since quite a few people could not attend the qualifying round. Thereafter, we have brainstormed further about the dates and rolled out another survey with the new dates and an additional day for the online qualifier.

Survey 2:

The second survey received responses from over 1200 players which was very heartening. Of those, 80.1% voted yes for the new dates (20th to 23rd May) while the rest did not. The percentage and participation was higher this time and hence we decided to go ahead with these dates. While this clashes with the ACM ICPC World final dates, we believe that it will be good fun for the finalist teams to take out a few hours to crack the qualifier.

After analyzing both the surveys we have finalized the schedule – Please go through it here:

Now it is time for you to gear up, form a team and prepare for the ultimate battle of brains.

Oh wait! We are yet to discuss the team formation rule that we had in our previous editions. If you are hearing this for the first time or forgot what it was, then you should head over to the following links here and here. Though our intent was to bring a matter of pride for the players to represent their institution/organization at an international level, we realized that there was very little acceptance from the community and that restriction wasn’t well received. After considering all the concerns raised by the community we decided that there would be “no restriction on team formation” in this edition. And finally, here we are presenting to you the CodeChef SnackDown 2017 in a truly open and a global avatar!

Keeping watching the space for more details and surprises about SnackDown 2017!

Team CodeChef

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  1. Congratulations guys! That’s great work. Hoping to enjoy the competition this year as well.

    I was trying to solve previous year’s SnackDown Finals’ problems and was looking for their editorials but I couldn’t find any. Have they been uploaded on CodeChef?

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