The Unrated March Cook-Off 2017

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Nothing upsets us more than disappointing you guys in anyway. Be it having technical difficulties during the contest or as was in case of March Cook-Off 2017, having an unrated contest. Yes! If you are still wondering, the March Cook-Off 2017 was declared unrated. The months of hard work from our problem setting panel, hours of effort from our beloved community member, and the frustration that follows, it all just accumulate to further raise the disappointment we get after anything that goes wrong with our contests. And all we can do now is to apologize for it. We really are.

However, we would like to tell you exactly what went wrong and why was the decision to keep the contest unrated was taken.

The Cause:

There was an issue with test data of problem RAINBOW, there were some (i, j) such that i != j and c_i, j = 0. The issue was identified in the later stage of the contests and hence the contest had to be extended to make up for the lost time. And even though it was corrected and all the non-AC submissions were put to re-judge, it just wasn’t enough. The problem setting panel had a profound discussion on the issue in order to come up with any possible way in which they can make the contest fair for everyone who participated and at the same time keep it rated. However, they could not find any solution to make it happen.

The result:

After thorough contemplation and discussion within the panel and with some other community members, the problem setting panel decided to keep the March Cook-Off 2017 unrated. The issue with the test data in RAINBOW had affected a significant number of the participants, and the decision to keep it unrated is the least unfair way forward. We also assure that we will take all the precautionary steps to make sure that such situations are avoided in the future. As for now, this is the fate of the March Cook-Off 2017.

That will be all from us for the small and unfortunate March Cook-Off 2017. We hope you enjoyed the problems despite the contest being unrated.

We will soon come up with the tale from March LunchTime 2017. Till then, keep coding.

See you at the contests.

– Rudreshwar
Team CodeChef

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