Here’s why there was a delay in updating the March contests’ ratings

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The Chef would like to apologize for the delay in updating the March contests’ ratings. There had been some issues with the rating calculation code, and we wanted to fix them before updating the ratings. Ratings for all the four rated contests of this month: March Long Challenge, LunchTime and two external rated contests (CookOff was unrated) have been published.

There were two issues:

1. Due to an unintended consequence of a separate piece of code, users who were tied for the same rank in a contest, were being considered as being ranked one after the other by the rating algorithm.

2. The September Long Challenge of 2009 had a contest code which was different from what later became the norm: SEP09 instead of SEPT09. And due to this, this contest was missed during the rating calculation.

Both of these issues have been fixed, and a thorough code-review done. We are positive that there will be no such incidents in the future.

Happy Coding!

– Vishal
Team CodeChef

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  1. I think there are still issues with the rating system. I participated in FEB17 and did 2 problems and after a day both the problems were removed from the contest and my name disappeared from the Ranklist so I left the contest and now my rating has been reduced by 150 points. Kindly look into the matter ASAP

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