SnackDown’17 Onsite Final – Live Updates

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Welcome to the final round of CodeChef’s Annual programming contest: SnackDown. From over 20,000 teams this year, we have 38 teams to representing the best programming talent from across the globe at Directiplex, Mumbai. The problem setting panel (Kamil Debjowski, Praveen Dhinwa, Alexey Zayakin, Hasan Jaddouh and Alei Reyes) has prepared an exciting feast for all of them, and you’re invited.

Lots of rain later, the contest begins at 12PM. While you’re waiting, go ahead and register for the mirror round here:

11:55 AM: Contest starts in 5 minutes.

12:06 PM: Contest has begun.

12:16 PM: The first problem to be solved is MAXIEDGE by scc_snack17.

12:27 PM: The second problem to be solved is HULLSUM by login228. MAXIEDGE is a cakewalk problem and currently has 17 succesful submissions.

12:34 PM: The third problem to be solved is WEAPONS by (once more) login228! 😀

12:37 PM: login228 leads the ranklist with two problems solved (soon to be three, assuming they can solve MAXIEDGE). The next 4 spots are occupied by stronglyConnected, sequoia, Dandelion and messages compress with one problem each.

12:41 PM: The fourth problem to be solved is MINIMAX by dalabengba.

12:41 PM: The fourth problem to be solved is UNIVERSE by anta_t.

12:51 PM The sixth problem solved is REFUELS by dalabengba.
12:55 PM Guess who is participating in the SnackDown 2017 Finals Mirror Round with the rest of the community? Adrian Kosowski and David Stolp are in a team, participating right now. Don’t you want to join in on the fun too?

12:57 PM login228 and then dalabengba lead the ranklist with 3 problems solved, followed by jinotega, DDF and anta with 2 each.

1:13 PM login228 is in first place with 4 problems solved, followed by dalabengba, mess_compress, dreamoon and kuntukuta with 3 each.

1:33 PM 20 minutes later, login228, mess_compress and kuntukuta with 4 solved, followed by dalabengba and Dandelion with 3 solved.

1:38 PM The seventh problem solved is ANDGRAPH by sequoia.

2:10 PM About half an hour later, login228, mess_compress, dalabengba and kuntukuta lead with 5 solved.

2:27 PM The eighth problem solved is MATRIXUM by anta_t.

2:44 PM The top 4 teams comprise of login 228, mess_compress, kuntukuta and Dandelion all have 6 problems solved, but none of them have solved the exact same set as the other. Things will only get more interesting as we enter the last hour before the ranklist freeze.

2:55 PM The ninth problem solved is BCYCLES by mess_compress.

3:05 PM A little more than an hour before the freeze, we have mess_compress in first place with 7 solves, followed by 4 teams with 6 solves each.

3:53 PM About 5 minutes to the freeze, kuntuka is in first place with 8 solves but has 5 time penalties followed by mess_compress with 7 solves and no penalties. The latter will probably get an accepted on WEAPONS, but we’ll see you in the problem discussion post-contest!

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