A CodeChef Certification

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Yes, you heard that right. We are launching a brand new certification program on Data Structures and Algorithms. Recent studies have corroborated our belief that a vast majority of engineers in India are unfit for software development jobs, a fact that we identified and took on to fix 8 years ago.

This certification program is a new step in that direction to improve the employability of programmers.

Over the last eight years, we have brushed closely with the need of student and professional programmers to get good jobs and admissions into institutions of higher education. While, we have always maintained to be a platform for learning and competition through fun, over a period of time, we realise that there is a dire need of a good assessment program for the knowledge and understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms which is done in a proctored environment. To validate this, we conducted a survey among our users for which we got an overwhelming response in favour of the need for such a program.





Given the response that we got to the survey, it becomes imperative for us to give it a shot. We believe that a Certification provided by the global experts in the subject will provide a good ground for the students and professionals to assess themselves. It will also provide the software industry a standard to benchmark against and get access to the best students out there. More importantly, it will provide a level playing ground to every software student and professional to choose a career path that she wants to.

Also, based on our survey results and being a not for profit, we will try and keep the cost of this program as low as possible for us to be viable, so that it remains affordable to everyone.

Details of the program:

  • We are starting in only 7 cities. We will add more cities in near future.

  • There are three levels of Certification. We are starting with only the first two levels – Foundation and Advanced. The Expert level will be added later.

  • We plan to have this exam once every month. And, that will depend on the kind of responses that we get. We will keep announcing the dates of the upcoming exams.

  • We are launching this at discounted price for the first exam. So grab your seat now!

Over a period of time, we will also try and collaborate with various software organisations and educational institutions to consider the CodeChef Certified students and professionals for job interviews and admissions.

So, do let us know your thoughts and queries so that we can answer each one of them.


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