ACM ICPC Chennai Regional 2017 – Live Updates

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Today, we kick off the ACM ICPC 2017 season with the Chennai Regional hosted by Hindustan University. The contest is expected to begin at 10am IST. Stay tuned for live updates on the rankings and problem discussions!

Live Ranklist –

11:15 am IST: The contest has begun.

11:16 am IST: Team volatile from Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai gets the first accepted submission of the contest!

11:38 am IST: Team TooWeakTooSlow from IIIT Hyderabad lead the ranklist with 3 problems solved!
Team BhayanakMaut from Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi follow them at 2nd place with 3 solved problems but with 2 wrong submission penalties.

11:49 am IST: Triangulation from IIT Roorkee is the first team to solve 4 problems and are now at the top of the leaderboard! 2 ACs for them in the last 3 minutes.

11:57 am IST: Team Instincts from Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Chennai has taken the lead from Triangulation with 4 problems solved and a 10 minute time-penalty gap between them.

12:08 pm IST: BhayanakMaut are at the top of the ranklist with 5 problems solved.

12:19 pm IST: TooWeakTooSlow get AC on ELHIDARR and move to first place, meanwhile Triangulation get AC on VRTXCOVR and move to 2nd place with a difference of 9 minutes between them. This is turning out to be a gruelling contest between the top 4 teams!

Triangulation (rank 2) and Majnu (rank 3) are separated by just a margin of 2 minutes.

12:25 pm IST: Instincts are back at Rank 1 after solving ELHIDARR. 10-minute gap between them and TooWeakTooSlow.

12:38 pm IST: Plumbus from IIT Roorkee are the first team to solve AREAFIGR. They currently stand at Rank 24. Maybe we can expect many of the top 20 teams to solve this problem in the next 1 hour.

12:43 pm IST: TooWeakTooSlow are the second team to solve VRTXCOVR and also the first team to solve 6 problems! They are back at Rank 1.

Which teams would be among the top 3 today? Share your predictions in the comments!

1:00 pm IST: Triangulation are now at Rank 2 with 6 problems solved.

Team Triangulation –

Here are a few glimpses from the contest which is being held at Hindustan University, Chennai.

1:26 pm IST: TooWeakTooSlow solve 7 problems and increase their lead over Triangulation.

1:30pm IST: Team Majnu from IIT Roorkee are the first to solve BLREDSET and have moved up to Rank 3, right behind Triangulation – another team from IIT Roorkee.

1:38pm IST: TooWeakTooSlow get AC on MANCBST and now have a total of 8 solved problems, followed by Triangulation with 6 solved problems. MANCBST was quite a non-trivial problem

1:50pm: It seems that TooWeakTooSlow have a solution for DEFOREST but they are trying to optimize it before submitting.

Triangulation is coding up a solution for BLREDSET.

Majnu (IIT Roorkee) are coding  VRTXCOVR.

2:02 pm IST: One team member from NDTM is coding the solution for AREAFIGR while the others are thinking on BLREDSET.

2:06 pm IST: BhayanakMaut is coding BLREDSET.

2:10 pm IST: Triangulation solve BLREDSET, their 7th solved problem in this contest and continue to be at 2nd place.

2:25 pm IST: TooWeakTooSlow solve BLREDSET – they continue their lead with 9 solved problems.

Will they be able to solve all 11?

2:45 pm IST: TooWeakTooSlow solve DEFOREST and lead the ranklist with 10 solved problems.

2:56 pm IST: Bhayanak Maut solve their 8th problem and are on 3rd place.

3:15 pm IST: The ranklist is now frozen. TooWeakTooSlow look comfortable in the 1st place while Triangulation and Bhayanak Maut battle for 2nd place. Stay tuned for the final results!

Final Ranklist:

– Team TooWeakTooSlow was the only team to get AC on MANCBST.

– Team Bhayanak Maut was the only team to get AC on CODIE. Fun fact: they got AC on the problem just 30 seconds before  the contest ended!

Congratulations to the winners and we hope all participating teams had a great experience at the Chennai Regional!

Up next: ACM ICPC Kharagpur Regional on December 17, 2017. Stay tuned for latest updates!

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