ACM ICPC Kharagpur Regional 2017

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It’s a wonderful sunny day out here at IIT Kharagpur as we wait for the start of the 2nd ACM ICPC Indian regional of this season – ACM ICPC Kharagpur.

Which team are you rooting for today? Who do you think will win the trophy? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Live Ranklist:

9:24am IST: kgeccoders_11 from Kalyani Government Engineering College get the first accepted submission of the contest! They solve problem P6 – set by the one and only – Mr. Praveen Dhinwa.

9:34am IST: Tesla (IIIT Hyderabad) are the first to solve Problem P2. They lead the ranklist with 2 problems.

9:47am IST: 5 teams have solved P2. TheVindicators from IIT Kharagpur are at Rank 2 now followed by LongTimeNoC from IIT Kanpur at Rank 3.

Just 1 submission on the remaining 9 problems in the past 20 minutes. There are several candidates for the 3rd easiest problem in this contest.

10:14am IST: NDTM from IIT Guwahati solve the 3rd problem (P5). They lead the ranklist now. Some other teams have received WA on the same problem.

10:20am IST: ground floor from IIT Madras are the first to solve Problem P10. They are now at Rank 2.

10:56am IST: LongTimeNoC from IIT Kanpur are the first to solve Problem P9.

10:58am IST: NDTM solve NUMBGAME and lead the ranklist with 4 problems.

11:11am IST: 7 distinct problems have been solved in the contest but the team at the top of the ranklist has solved 4 problems!

11:13am IST: LongTimeNoC from IIT Kanpur lead the ranklist with 4 problems solved and 1 penalty.

11:20am IST: 8 distinct problems solved now. Problem selection is crucial at this stage for all teams.

11:23am IST: Triangulation (IIT Roorkee) solve their 5th problem and move up to 1st place!

Team Triangulation – IIT Roorkee

12:04pm IST: Triangulation solve their 6th problem and extend their lead. They have 5 penalties, however.

LongTimeNoC have 1 penalty and if they solve another problem, they might take the lead from Triangulation.

12:18pm IST: Tesla (IIITH) lead now with 6 problems. Just 3 minutes of gap between Tesla and Triangulation. A very, very close contest!

12:30pm IST: Tesla are on fire – 7 ACs for them now. Triangulation need to catch up.

11:45pm IST: Triangulation solve 7 problems and are on Rank 2 now – 15 minutes behind Tesla on penalty.

1:20pm IST: Ranklist has been frozen.

2:20pm IST: A very exciting contest comes to an end. Stay tuned for the final results!

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