ACM ICPC Kolkata-Kanpur Regional 2017

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Welcome back to the 4th regional of the season. This one is a multi-site regional, being organized by NITTTR Kolkata and hosted by JIS Group in Kolkata and University  Institute of Engineering and Technology, CSJM University in Kanpur.


10:10am IST: The contest has begun.

No submissions so far in the first 5 minutes.

First AC of the contest by team lastTry from NIT Durgapur, 7 minutes into the contest.

Team we_are_noobs from Indian School of Mines solve a different problem – we now have 2 distinct problems solved.

The problem solved by lastTry is an easy implementation problem. So far, there has been 100% submission accuracy on that problem.

The one solved by we_are_noobs is an easy counting problem. The submission accuracy on this problem is 71%.

10:26am IST: Team SSH from Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College solve the third distinct problem of the contest.

imported_pandas from DTU, Delhi lead the ranklist with 2 solved problems.

There are some rapid changes in the ranklist at this point as first 3 problems seem to be easy.

WeakMind from BITS Pilani, Supercalifragilistic from IIT Madras and Sudocrypt from BIT Mesra both gave fierce competition to LongTimeNoC in the Gwalior regional. They seem to be strong contenders for finishing in the top 3 today as well.

10:46am IST: WeakMind solve 4 problems and are at Rank 1.

11:00am IST: Supercalifragilistic solve a geometry problem, quite early on in the contest. This was their 4th solved problem.

11:19am IST: Supercalifragilistic get their 5th AC! WeakMind has some catching up to do.

Supercalifragilistic has 2 time penalties, by the way.

If WeakMind manage to get an AC within the next 30 minutes or so, they’ll be get ahead of Supercalifragilistic.

11:31am IST: Know_no_algo, IIT Delhi solve their 5th problem with a total time penalty of 3:07:23 and are at rank 1.

The top 3 teams have all solved the geometry problem. It is not a implementation-heavy problem.

ButterRoti from IIT Patna join the 5-solve-problems club. Currently at rank 4. They too, solve the geometry problem.

TooLazyToPropogate from IIT BHU solve 5 problems as well. Interesting team name 😀


2 hours into the contest, 9 teams have solved 5 problems.

12:36pm IST: TooLazyToPropogate solve 6 problems! They are at Rank 1.

1:18pm IST: NeverSettle from IIT Mandi solve the 7th distinct problem of the contest, but they have 5 total problems solved at the moment.


1 hour and 48 minutes left in the contest. How many problems do you think the top team will solve?

The accuracy on the geometry problem is quite low, approximately 38%.

TooLazyToPropogate (IIT BHU), Know_no_algo (IIT Delhi), Supercalifragilistic (IIT Madras) are the top 3 teams right now and the battle between them is quite intense.

WeakMind (BITS Pilani) got TLE on a graph problem 2 hours ago – if they can optimize this one, they have a chance to be Rank 1 with 6 problems solved.

At the moment, they must be debugging that problem on paper.

Supercalifragilistic have a WA on the problem that the IIT BHU team solved an hour ago.

1:52pm IST: iota (NIT Warangal) solve their 5th problem which is solved only by 1 other team.

2:06pm IST: Know_no_algo (IIT Delhi) solve their 6th problem and are at Rank 1!!

TooLazyToPropogate is 38 minutes behind them on time penalty.

2:07pm IST: TooLazyToPropogate submit a solution .. still waiting to get a response…

TLE for TooLazyToPropogate.

Each penalty counts. Several teams could have equal no. of problems solved at the end.


Contest has ended.

This has by far been the most exciting last 1 hour in any regional I have witnessed in the past 2 years.

Teams didn’t give up until the very last second.

Keep guessing the top teams, until the final results are announced!

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