ACM ICPC Amritapuri Regional 2017

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The final regional of the ACM ICPC season of 2017 is here!

9:00am IST: The contest has begun.

9:05am IST: Team Instincts from Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Chennai get the first AC of the contest!

First 10 submissions of the contest have all got AC. 6 of them are in C++, 3 in Python, 1 in Java.

9:18am IST: ScopeHotaHai from IIT Bombay lead the ranklist with 2 problems solved.

Plenty of teams are trying the 2nd easiest problem of the contest at the moment. 60+ teams have correctly solved it so far.

9:45am IST: Bristomaticians are now at Rank 1 with 3 problems solved. They have 1 time penalty at the moment.

9:47am IST: aglet (IIT Bombay) get AC on the 3rd problem. They are at Rank 1 with 0 penalties. This team is to watch out for in this contest. They were among the top 5 in the Kolkata regionals and were the only team to solve one of the hard problems.

9:51am IST: TooWeakTooSlow (IIIT Hyderabad) solve their 3rd problem which is the 4th distinct problem solved in this contest.

9:52am IST: Geany (LNM Institute of Information Technology) are at rank 1 with 3 problems solved. Just 1 minute time penalty difference between Geany and aglet.

9:55am IST: TooWeakTooSlow solve 4 problems! They are now at first place.

10:15am IST: TooLazy (IIT Madras) solve 4 problems! They are ahead of TooWeakTooSlow by one 29 seconds!

10:20am IST: FutureGlory (IIT Bombay) solve 4 problems with 0 penalties and are now at Rank 1.

Their team name seems to be inspired by tourist’s team – PastGlory 😀

10:23am IST: The Vindicators (IIT Kharagpur) solve a graph problem which their 4th AC and this contest’s 5th distinct solved problem. Also, they are rank 1 now! 3 minutes ahead of FutureGlory.

They haven’t solved a problem that the other top teams have solved yet, but maybe one member of the team would have figured out the logic for it by now. Let’s see if they get an AC on that problem in the next 10-15 minutes!

We also have 4 school teams participating today!

– int elligence = 0; (DPS Ruby Park)

– syntaxscrubs (DPS International School)

– int_elligence (Professor K K Anand’s Smart Minds Academy)

– Bashers (Professor K K Anand’s Smart Minds Academy)

10:57am IST: No team has solved 5 problems yet.

11:03am IST: Mochizuki (IIIT Bangalore) are the first team to solve 5 problems! They are now at Rank 1 with 0 penalties.

11:14am IST: Unity (IIT Delhi) solve 5 problems and move up to rank 2! They have 2 penalties. They have also solved the 6th distinct problem of the contest.

11:25am IST: BhayankMaut (IIIT Delhi) are now at Rank 2. with 5 problems solved.

TooWeakTooSlow (IIIT Hyderabad) solve their 5th problem as well and move up to Rank 3.

11:31am IST: NotExperts (BITS Hyderabad) solve their 5th problem and the 7th distinct problem of the contest.

11:51am IST: TooWeakTooSlow solve 6 problems and lead the ranklist now.

12:05pm IST: Tesla (IIITH) solve their 6th problem. They are at Rank 2 now!

12:10pm IST: Unity (IIT Delhi) solve their 6th problem and they are at Rank 2 now. Tesla moves to rank 3.

12:31pm IST: TheVindicators (IIT Kharagpur) move up to 2nd place. They are ~15mins behind TooWeakTooSlow on time penalty.

12:55pm IST: LastBreath (NSIT) solve the 8th distinct problem of the contest.

3 minutes left before the ranklist freezes.

1:00pm IST: Ranklist is now frozen.

Top 10 teams have all solved 6 problems.

Whom do you think will win at the ACM ICPC Amritapuri Regionals?

Vote now and cheer for your favorite team here:

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