Introducing Rating Divisions!

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As you all know, Chef loves to dish out new enhancements during his birthday month, and this time, he’s cooked up something special which many of you have been asking for – a Rating Divisions system!

Users are now divided into two Divisions based on their overall CodeChef rating.

  • Division 1: Users with rating >= 1800
  • Division 2: Users with rating < 1800

All CodeChef contests (Long Challenges, Cook-Offs and LunchTimes) will now have two parallel contests, one for Division 1 and another for Division 2. A user can participate in only the Division that she belongs to.

The Division 2 contest will have some more easier problems, whereas the Division 1 contest will have a few more harder ones. This means that beginners get to practice on more easier problems, whereas the higher rated users will skip some of the easy problems and focus on solving the harder ones. A Win-Win situation, if ever there was one!

The ratings will be calculated only within your own Division, and hence will be a better reflection of your true skill level.

Also, we can now have more External Rated Contests, which will be rated only for Division 2 users. The Chef has also introduced Unofficial Participation, through which Division 1 users can also submit in such contests, but it will not affect their rating.

And last, but not the least, we hope that it will be further motivation for users to improve their performance and get to compete with the elite!

Head over here to know more about this system.

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  1. I hate this concept. Thats why i was using codechef over codeforces. now i will not be able to know myself where i stand actually becausec i am not able to compete with coder from now

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