Collaboration with ShareChat!

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We are happy to announce ShareChat as our official sponsors of our monthly contests.

ShareChat is a social network for the next billion smartphone users. They have grown organically to 18 million active users and are doubling every 4 months. Currently, their userbase is majorly from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Canada and are expanding at a very rapid pace.

With the volume of users that they are handling comes the challenges of scale. And, that makes them a very exciting technology startup to work for. If you are someone who yearns to be a part of the startup culture and a great technology team then you have another reason to participate in our monthly contests.

ShareChat has been supporting us for a while now, and we hope that together with them we will bring more exciting opportunities for the programming community.

We hope this collaboration will be mutually beneficial and also help the community going forward in multiple ways. Wishing you all the best!


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