A brand new CodeChef API – Happy Independence Day from CodeChef.

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CodeChef has been serving the competitive programming community for a very long time. Today, incidentally on the occasion of our 72nd Independence Day, we make a digression. We are excited to announce that we have something for our developer community too!

All this while, we have seen many enthusiastic CodeCheffers, taking the pain of scraping the CodeChef website and creating various really cool and useful stuff out of it. This has made us go one step further and provide all our beloved developers and programmers with the power to turn their ideas into reality much more easily.

So here we announce the launch of the CodeChef API Hackathon powered by Alibaba Cloud.

What is CodeChef API?
CodeChef API is an OAuth 2.0 HTTP API, which exposes CodeChef resources and data to the developers. You will get to know all the details about the API once the contest starts.

There are things that we want to do and cannot do on our own. And, there are things that we do not even know and can be done. This is where the awesome community comes in. We have seen numerous enthusiastic users who scrape our website to build stuff that does wonders.

We believe that the API now opens up new opportunities for our fellow developers from the community, and will help them build useful and relevant apps which can help the growing community.

CodeChef API – The internship project
It started way back in 2015, when two of the community members proposed to us an idea of making a CodeChef Android app and we were so convinced that we immediately wanted them to get started. Yes you read that right, an Android app! We will get to that story some other time.

Soon we realised that it would be much better to have an API first and then build the app. Since then, there have been many changes in our priorities and despite being partly ready to launch the API, we couldn’t give it to you.

We thank Alibaba Cloud, who liked our idea of an API for the community and supported us in being able to bring this API to you. It gives us immense pleasure to let you know that via our First Hackathon, we are presenting you a brand new CodeChef API that you can consume and you can also build your apps and deploy them on the Alibaba cloud.

Interns & Internship
We have always been proud of our interns and always try to have them throughout the year. They are the packets of energy and enthusiasm which fuel the overall work ethics of the team. CodeChef API was one such project and we thank all our interns who have contributed to the project in some way or the other – Vikesh Tiwari (aka vicky), Shivam Khandelwal (aka skbly), Prabhat Awasthi (aka hacker_ratty) and Shivangi Gupta (aka shivangi_gupta -_- ). Go, hound them!

And with this, we also extend a chance to grab an internship opportunity to all the users who come up with great ideas and implement them.

Looking forward to it…


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