Announcing the Winning Entries for CodeChef API Hackathon Powered by Alibaba Cloud!

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At CodeChef, we take pride in our innovative community that is constantly striving to create a better environment for all of us. In recent times, we received a lot of requests to open up our API so that our users could develop apps that would benefit the entire community and add new functionalities to the CodeChef platform.

Finally, on the 27th of August 2018, we launched our API and held our very first Hackathon – the CodeChef API Hackathon powered by Alibaba Cloud. This hackathon was held in the spirit of innovation; we already knew that our community was enthusiastic about using CodeChef data to create new resources for each other.

It brings us great joy to share with you the wonderful and innovative entries we received for the contest. It was not an easy task choosing between them, especially since we had to add an extra set of resources due to the sheer number of responses that we received, but we’re finally here with the list! Below is a glimpse of some of them. Check out the entries below and let us know what you think!

All the winners will win collective cash prizes worth $2400, internship interview opportunities at CodeChef, t-shirts and more as mentioned on the contest page.

On to the winners!

1) Chef’s Arena (unsigned_joy)

Team Members:
Alfarhan Zahedi (alfarhanzahedi)
Jatin Pandey (jatinpandey)

Chef’s Arena is a web application designed to give programmers a competitive environment while practising problems. It’s a fast and responsive application with many exciting modes of practice to help users perform better in a contest and prepare for prestigious contests like the ICPC.

Forum Link

2) Virtual Contest (poor_villagers)

Team Members:
Hasan (hasan356)
Vishwanath (vishwanath45)

This app lets you play CodeChef contests in a Virtual environment, those who have played virtual contests on Codeforces would be aware of it.

Virtual Contests enables the users to run the past contests in a special mode that would imitate a real competition. It allows users to get the experience of a real contest while competing in a virtual environment.

Forum Link

3) Virtualizer (sd_1998)

Team Members
Heramb Patil (herambpatil98)
Jugal Rawlani (fatherofall)

Virtualizer allows users to run past CodeChef contests in an environment that imitates a real competition. Features like real-time successful submissions help a user to identify the difficulty of questions. Virtualizer also provides a user with their overall global, country and organization rank and many more features.

The developers have also included an option to create a custom contest which would consist of questions of various difficulty based on the analysis of the type of questions attempted by a user. They have currently included all the past LTIME and COOKOFF contest. They will be extending this feature to include past ICPC regional contests.

Forum Link

4) CodeChef Social (chhole_bhature)

Team Members
Tanmay Datta (tanmaydatta)
Haider Ali (scoobybutter)

Available on both iOS and Android
Friends – Add/remove/update friend sets .
News feed – Content info and friends activity .
Chat – Real time chat with any CodeChef Social user.
Notifications – Reminders and live contest submissions of friends in live contest via push notifications .
Contest list – Contest page with list of problems .
Tags – Get all the tags and all problems under any given tag .
Todos – Add/remove/update todos .
User profile pages – Easy access to profile of any user .
Compare – Compare profiles of any 2 CodeChef users .
Ratings – Access ratings of any user, in any contest type .
Problems – View the problem statements anywhere anytime (rendered perfectly) .
Submissions – View submissions by friends right in your mobile .

Forum Link

5) Chef’s Tools (fmot_a_rthur)

The app makes possible to run virtual participations in CodeChef and test in CodeChef cloud through terminal

6) Chef On Phone (binaryhackers)

Team Members
Pushkar Anand (pushkaranand)
Adith A Danthi (adith_danthi)

The app allows using CodeChef on your phone. Using this app you can see ongoing contests, future contests, contest problems, practice problems, read problem statements and solve the problems in the IDE built-in inside the app. You can also set reminders for upcoming contests. Download the code from the IDE to make submissions on CodeChef. This will help users to use CodeChef while on the move.

Forum Link

7) CodeChef CLI (epic_shit)

Team Members
Mrigank Krishan (mrigank11)
Vishnunarayan K. I. (z3r0_)

A CLI frontend for CodeChef. Everyone who is a programmer will be closer to a terminal than a web browser. The vim people won’t even like a web browser open when they are solving problems. This application aims to fix that. And fix it will it do.

8 ) Chef-CLI (dilbardilbar)

Team Members
Abhey Rana (uselesscoder1)
Mohit Khare (mkfeuhrer)

Chef-CLI is a command line interface which uses CodeChef’s official API. This application is for those who hate graphical applications and love to do everything through the terminal. With features like sample submit and problem recommendation, It is designed to improve the overall productivity of the user.

Forum Link

8 ) Question Tagger (lhash)

Team Members
Soumya (himanish)

Question Tagger is a multipurpose web app that one can use to tag and analyse their questions.

The key features of the web app are as follows:

-Tag questions – you can tag questions for your reference, so that you can practice questions of a particular tag later for improvement.
-Analyse tags – View all questions along with their submission status of the selected tag to gain insights of your ACs(accepted), WAs(wrong answer), TLEs(time limit exceeded), CTEs(compile time errors) and RTEs(run time error).
-Test generator – You can mark questions for improvement and can later create a practice test out of the questions available for improvement.
-View submission status of questions submitted during the mock test

Forum Link

We’re working on how we can make these apps available to the entire community and integrating them with our platform wherever possible. We’d like to thank you all for making our first Hackathon such a success. We’re looking forward to many such events in the future 🙂

Good luck and happy coding!
Team CodeChef

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