Competition Recaps: In case you missed it, here’s what went down at the November Long Challenge 2018

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The November Long Challenge was an exciting one and we’re reliving all the contest chaos through our official November Challenge Recap.

Our standout coders this month were ACRush (Div 1) and xhm154 (Div 2), both from China who aced the Long Challenge with scores of 800 each. In the Division 2 category, a notable mention goes to browni3141 from the US who made an ambitious leap from 1 star to 3 stars by securing the 2nd spot with a score of 799.199. Div 2’s 3-star coders zhouzhendong and zhouyuyang had snagged early leads, but while they were ousted from the top spots, they each earned a star and moved to the 4-star club. Interestingly, all of the top 10 participants in Div 2 earned at least a star in this contest, so Div 1 regulars had better watch their backs!

Meanwhile, in Division 1, most of the key players in the top 10 retained their existing status with some notable exceptions. samjia2000 from China and wmoise from the USA, both earned the elusive ticket into the red 7-star club. wmoise is now ranked 8th in the USA and 83rd worldwide, while samjia2000 has a country rank of 16 and a global rank of 75. But as we all know, the contests giveth and the contests taketh away! We hope the new entrants are prepared to fight for their spots! We also had North Korean rns5, the lone coder with the purple band, who battled 6 and 7-star competitors to add that coveted 5th star to his band with a score of 799.686.

Shoutout to our top ranking school students whzzt, peehs_moorhsum and samjia2000 who all secured spots in the Div 1 top 10 with scores of 780 and above. In Div 2, 4 of the top 10 ranked coders were students: xhm154, howarli, zhouzhendong and zhouyuyang. These rising stars will soon be keeping experienced coders on their toes!

Our homegrown coders also found themselves in the top 10 in both Div 1 and 2 categories. yash_chandnani from Jaipur retained his 7 stars and secured the 5th spot in the Div 1 rank list with a score of 799.513. In Div 2, halberdier secured the third place while thefear from Uttarakhand and Kolkata’s rv_619 landed the number 9 and 10 spots respectively.

A whopping 7421 coders increased their ratings in the November Challenge, and 301 Div 2 coders graduated to Div 1 with ab_initio from the USA who made a significant 186 point rating jump while India’s very own coder3101 from Jharkhand earned 176 rating points during the Long Challenge. Female programmers from India made their presence in the competition felt with 4 coders making rating jumps of over 200. Mumbai’s ziggywiggy led the pack with a rating increase of 217. Among school students, cunbidun from Vietnam increased his rating by 233 points while ilionoid from Kolkata, India saw a rating increase of 219. The Div 1 pool just got a lot bigger since 307 coders graduated from Div 2 to Div 1 following the contest. Salute to eriktillema from the Netherlands who earned 228 to make this leap.

As for the problems, “Chef and Difficult Contests” ironically emerged as the most solved problem with 9774 successful submissions while Max Digit Tree and Chef and Equations saw just 17 successful submissions each. You can check out editorials for all the Long Challenge problems here.

We conclude this recap with a big thanks to our problem setting panel:

And an extra special thanks to our problem panel admin, Misha Chorniy (mgch) whose efforts in the Chef’s Kitchen make our monthly contests fun for everyone!

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