In case you missed it: A recap of the memorable November Lunchtime

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Our 66th Lunchtime took place on November 24 and it was a showdown to remember with a major rank list shake-up! Keep reading to read who gained ratings and who lost them in the November Lunchtime.

Leading the pack in Div 1 was uwi, who is presently ranked number 1 in Japan and number 5 globally. Following our 100th Cook-Off, we mentioned in our Contest Recap that uwi was less than a hundred rating points short of a spot in the global top 5. Looks like, uwi took up the challenge and dethroned China’s ACRush to claim the world number 5 spot. But ACRush is a regular in our Long Challenges, stay tuned to see if he makes a comeback next month.

Other notable mentions in Div 1 are zemen from Russia who moved to 5-star status in this competition and rns5 from North Korea who went from 5 stars to 6. natsugiri, also from Japan, rounded out the top 4, all of whom scored 500. rns5 has risen rapidly through the rating system, gaining a whopping 6 stars since joining CodeChef in August this year. He needs just about 182 rating points to join another, rns4 another celebrated Kim Il-sung University student, in the 7-star club.

In Div 2 mzuev from Russia, took the lead going from 2 to 3 stars in the process. Close behind was xuzijian629 from Japan who was participating in a CodeChef contest for the very first time and made a rating jump of 275 points, which is the maximum jump possible! He promises to be a coder to watch out for. Dubai based antrikshh claimed the third spot, with Indonesia’s sidiqha in 4th place. While no Indians made it to the top 10 in Div 1, 4 Indians secured spots in Div 2’s top 10. A huge shoutout to its_ulure, mindjolt, radon12 and shubham698.

School students were well-represented in the November Lunchtime Div 1 with 9 of them earning places in the top 20. The best performers were tmwilliamlin from Taiwan who was at rank 5, farhod_farmon from Tajikistan at rank 7, and Ukraine’s adalbert at rank 8. Div 2’s best performing school students were its_ulure from India at rank 5, arafat_01 from Kazakhstan at rank 9, and fake_here from China at rank 15.

Special mentions go to female coders amina283 from Azerbaijan and mh755628 from Bangladesh, both of whom made it to the Div 1 top 100. In Div 2, it was hui_yin from Hong Kong and India’s own viralivora who reached the top 100.

Joining xuzijian629 on the list of users who made sizeable rating jumps are mzuev from Russia and tyakennikku from China who improved their rating by 233 points each. Indonesian sidiqha enjoyed a rating jump of 209 points while India’s own its_ulure from West Bengal, increased his rating by 201 points.

The highest participation this month came from  India, followed by Bangladesh and Ukraine. India’s National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra and Jaypee Institute of Information Technology had the most participants in this Lunchtime. If you’d like to spread the word about competitive programming in your school or college, start by creating or joining a CodeChef Campus Chapter today.

Probability (PPAP) emerged as the least solved problem of both Divisions with no successful submissions in Div 2 and just 7 in Div 1. Event (EVENT) was the most solved problem of Div 2 with 769 successful submissions out of a total of 5738 while in Div 1, Beats and Pieces (BPS) got 169 successful submissions from a total of 576. Check out the editorials for this Lunchtime’s problems here.

As we conclude this recap, we tip our hats to our problem setting panel:

  • Setter: Rehim Memmedli (nots0fast)

  • Tester: AmirReza PoorAkhavan (arpa)

  • Statement verifier: Jakub Safin (xellos0)

  • Editorialist: Hussain Kara Fallah (deadwing97)

  • Translators:

    • Mandarin Translator: Hu Zecong (huzecong)

    • Vietnamese Translator: Team VNOI (khanhptnk)

    • Russian Translator: Fedor Korobeinikov (gomelfk)

    • Bengali Translator: Mohammad Solaiman (solaimanope)

    • Hindi Translator: Akash Srivastava (devils_code)

And as always, many thanks to our problem panel admin Hasan Jaddouh (kingofnumbers) whose hard work helped us pull the contest together.

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