ACM ICPC Pune + Gwalior Regionals 2018 – Live Updates

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It’s day 2 of ICPC Regionals in India and today’s competition is taking place at two sites: IIIT Pune and IIITM, Gwalior. Keep up with all the contest action here!

Live Ranklist:

10.53 am: It’s been roughly an hour since the #ICPCRegionals at #IITTPune and #IIITMGwalior began and Team BhayanakMaut have swept into an early lead with 4 problems solved! tesla_protocol from #IIITHyderabad are close behind also with 4 problems.

11:18 am: tesla_protocol from IIITH lead the ranklist with 5 problems solved. 6 teams have solved 4 problems now. BhayanakMaut from IIITD are at Rank 2 and have a 40 minute time penalty difference from bits please who are at Rank 3.

11:24 am: BhayanakMaut solve their 5th problem and move up to rank 2!! Merely 4 minutes of time penalty gap separates them from tesla_protocol.

Top 4 teams have 5 problems solved now.

We also have 4 school teams participating in today’s regionals – antipro, exun_coder, bipolar and codeup_017.

antipro from Bodhicariya Senior Secondary School, Kolkata have solved 3 problems and are at rank 18 currently.

11:34 am: tesla_protocol get their 6th correct submission and extend their lead over BhayanakMaut.

They have had an incorrect submission on another problem (SIRUSERI) for a long time now. That problem would most likely be the next one they would target ACing.

Their solution seems to be almost there, but they seem to have made a minor mistake. The solution involves very less code, so once they spot the error they should be able to fix their code and submit quickly.

Time penalties could prove to be very costly in such a close contest. They should test out their solution rigorously before submitting!

11:40 am: Ranks 2 to 9 now have 5 problems solved.

11:45 am: tesla_protocol get another WA on SIRUSERI! They have 2 WAs on this problem now.

bits please solve THSTRS, their 7th submission and are now at Rank 5.

bits please, ButterRoti and Supercalifragilistic have solved 6 problems each now.

bits please is 20 minutes behind tesla_protocol. If they avoid WAs in the next 20 mins and get an AC, they could displace tesla_protocol from the top of the ranklist.

11:48 am: BhayanakMaut solve 6 problems and land at rank 3.

What a contest this is turning out to be! Top 5 teams have 6 problems solved and are separated just by time penalty.

11:54 am: tesla_protocol solve SIRUSERI, their 7th correct submission.

BhayanakMaut AC their 7th problem within 2 seconds of tesla_protocol!! They are separated by just 1 minute of time penalty now! Is this competitive programming or Formula 1?!

bits please have 10 minutes to get their 7th AC to get to Rank 1.” – Jatin Yadav

12:02 pm: Persistent Matroid (IIT Kgp) solve 7 problems and are now at Rank 3.

With 3 hours to go in the contest, 7 problems are solved and 4 problems remain unsolved.

12:11 pm: bits please get WA on THSTRS. They also got a TLE before that.

12:18 pm: tesla_protocol solve WALKTREE, their 8th accepted submission.

12:26 pm: BhayanakMaut solve WALKTREE as well. They had a very very minor implementation bug that led to a WA. They are at Rank 2 now with a time difference of 39 minutes from tesla_protocol.

12:32 pm: ForTheDamagedCode from NITK are the first team to solve GAMEOFNUM. They have 6 problems solved in total now.

ButterRoti solve their 8th problem and are now at Rank 3.

12:34 pm: bits please solve their 8th problem 2 minutes after ButterRoti and are at Rank 4.

12:49 pm: BhayanakMaut solve 9 problems and take away the lead from tesla_protocol!

1.18 pm: BhayanakMaut are in the lead followed by ButterRoti from IIT Patna and bits please. Each team has solved 9 problems

1.26 pm: ButterRoti is now in 2nd place! Can they steal the top spot?

1:50 pm: BhayanakMaut seem to have a nearly correct solution for POLYSTR. Jatin Yadav and Animesh point out that they aren’t clearing their dp table and that’s their only bug! They have been debugging it for 15+ minutes now.
The setters are going to submit their code in practice with an extra statement to clear the table to see if it would AC.

1:54 pm: “Their solution passes by memsetting the dp table.” – Jatin and Animesh
Let’s see how much time BhayanakMaut takes to figure that out.

2:00 pm: The leaderboard will freeze in 10 minutes from now. We have 6 teams with 9 problems solved at the moment. Share your ranking predictions in the comments!

2.02 pm: tesla_protocol is back at rank 2 and have pushed ButterRoti to rank 3. BhayanakMaut maintains their lead.

2:07 pm: BhayanakMaut solve POLYSTR! They are at rank 1 with 10 problems solved now.
tesla_protocol seem to have a O(N^2) DP solution for POLYSTR too.

2:10 pm: Ranklist is now frozen.

The contest has ended. You can view the final ranklist here.
Congratulations to the winning teams BhayanakMaut from IIIT Delhi, ButterRoti from IIT Patna and tesla_protocol from IIIT Hyderabad!
Stay tuned for updates from the next ICPC Regionals at GNIT Kolkata and UIET Kanpur.

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