ACM ICPC Amritapuri Regionals 2018-19 – Live Updates

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We’ve had a gruelling ICPC season so far and here we are today to give you live updates from the last Indian ICPC regional of the year being held at Amrita University.
This is the largest regional in Asia with over 270 teams participating across 2 sites – Coimbatore and Amritapuri.

We are expecting the contest to begin in 5 minutes.

Every regional this year has had nail-biting finishes. Today’s contest is expected to be even more intense with a lot of top teams competing against each other.

UniverseIsDeterministic (CMI) with Rajat De in their team and GeometryIsLove (IITM) with Teja Vardhan Reddy in their team who were rank 1 and rank 2 respectively at the Kgp regional, are participating in today’s contest.

Far_Behind (IITD) who solved 3 problems in the last 1 hour at the Kgp regional to end up at rank 3 will also be participating today.

tesla_protocol (IIIT Hyderabad) led the ranklist for a long, long time in the Gwalior regional but ended up at rank 3 after a magnificent performance by BhayanakMaut and ButterRoti. They will be targeting a podium finish today as well.

Hold right there Sparky!! (IIT Roorkee) won the Kolkata regional with a great performance in the last 1 hour. Will they take it easy today as they already have a potential WF slot in hand or fight it out?

Other teams like Microwave-O(1), proofByAC and MexFlow, to name a few, have done well in previous regionals but haven’t made it to the top 3-4 ranks. They will be itching to get that WF slot today.

Public Ranklist –

9:45 am: Contest has begun

9:47 am: Kimi no Na wa (IIT Roorkee) score the first AC, 2 mins 19 seconds into the contest.

9:52 am: 7 minutes into the contest, 121 teams have solved 1 problem.

The title of the first problem is – “Is it a Cakewalk problem”. It definitely seems to be one

9:54 am: bits please solve CNTFAIL – first team to solve 2 problems, now at Rank 1.

9:57 am: tesla_protocol submit ARMYFGT and so do MexFlow at a difference of 4 seconds. Let’s see if their submissions are correct…

Yes they are! tesla_protocol move to rank 2 and MexFlow move to rank 3 respectively with a time difference of 23 seconds.
tesla_protocol has a time penalty gap of 40 seconds with bits please who are at Rank 1 currently.

10:00 am: UniverseIsDeterministic gets a WA on ARMYFGT.

Most teams are using Python to solve ARMYFGT.

10:07 am: tesla_protocol solve CNTFAIL and lead the ranklist with 3 problems solved.

10:28 am: 37 teams have solved 3 problems so far. tesla_protocol leads the pack, proofByAC is at Rank 2 and Laila (IIT Roorkee) is at Rank 3.

10:31 am: Team “ForgotToWarmup” just got WA on a problem called “SAUNA”.
“Apt team name”, says Balajiganapathi from the judging panel.

10:36 am: UniverseIsDeterministic are the first team to solve PALPATH. They are now at Rank 1 and we have 4 problems solved in total.

GeometryIsLove submit AVLBLT aaaaand it’s correct! They immediately replace UniverseIsDeterministic at the top of the leaderboard.

10:38 am: dilliMetro solve MARTING1, their 4th problem. They replace GeometryIsLove at Rank1.

The last 3 minutes have been quite exciting.

10:42 am: Laila (IITR) solve their 4th problem with 0 penalties and now lead the pack.

10:52 am: Hold right there Sparky!! from IITR solve their 4th problem and are the first to solve ALFRED, the 7th problem of the contest. They are now at Rank 3.

10:58 am: UniverseIsDeterministic solve ALFRED. They have now solved 5 problems and are back at Rank 1.

11:01 am: GeometryIsLove solve SAUNA. They have now solved 5 problems are at Rank 2. 8 distinct problems solved.

11:04 am: DeathNote from IITB solve ALIENINV. A very interesting, mathy problem. 9 distinct problems solved.

11:13 am: Math_maniac solve BALSUB. 10 distinct problems have been solved in the contest.

11:19 am: tesla_protocol solve MARTING1 and take away the lead from UniverseIsDeterministic.

11:21 am: Hold right there Sparky!! solve MARTING1 and are now at Rank 1.

This is turning out to be a very competitive contest. It seems to be quite non-trivial to predict who the winner will be.

11:44 am: GeometryIsLove get TLE on PALPATH.

12.54 pm: Laila has seized the lead by solving their 8th problem!

12.55 pm: bits please has also solved their 8th problem pushing UniverseIsDeterministic to third place. UniverseIsDeterministic has got 2 WAs on REFORMS, but can they make a comeback?

1.16 pm: Team UniverseIsDeterministic has solved SAUNA and jumped back to rank 1!

1.18 pm: The CMI team’s lead was short lived as bits please have now secured rank 1 with their 9th problem

1.38 pm: bits please has strengthened their lead by solving their 10th problem ALIENINV

1.45 pm: The rank list is now frozen, but you can still predict your winners here:

Team bits please from IIT Kanpur secured the first rank while Hold right there Sparky!! and Laila – both from IIT Roorkee – landed the 2nd and 3rd spot respectively. Congratulations to the winning teams!

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