SnackDown19 Live Contest Updates

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Hello from Bangalore, India!
We have 38 teams participating this year from across the globe for Snackdown’s Onsite Finals.

I’ll be giving live updates here. If you have any questions related to the contest, please ask them in the comments.

The mirror contest has begun. You can see the problems on the mirror contest page —

[Public ranklist](

10:30am — Contest has begun.

10:39am — [user:LHiC,2019-02-16] from team login228 gets the first accepted submission of the contest.

Several other teams have submitted a solution for the same problem within the next minute.

10:52am — login228 solve their second problem of the contest and lead the ranklist.

10:55am — 24 teams have solved at least one problem.

11:00am — Team End Time ([user:dotorya,2019-02-16] and [user:zigui,2019-02-16]) solve their 2nd problem and lead the ranklist.

11:10am — 9 teams have solved 2 problems so far. Team pastry ([user:tourist,2019-02-16] and [user:qwerty787788,2019-02-16]) are currently at rank 3.

11:15am — We now have 4 distinct problems solved in the contest.

11:22am — All school teams have solved 1 problem so far. Antipr00 (Adhyyan1252 and rajarshi_basu) lead on the basis of time penalty.

11:27am — pastry solve their 3rd problem (XYPRESQ) and lead the ranklist. havkapapstvo solve their 3rd as well. They are now at rank 2 with a time penalty difference of 7 minutes.

11:35am — pastry solve their 4th problem — MAGARR

11:40am — contribution (Radewoosh and Swistakk) and osass (jiry_2 and wxhtxdy) solve the 6th distinct problem of the contest — RAFFLE

login228 (LHiC) solves RAFFLE as well and moves to Rank 2

12:00pm — login228 solve their 5th problem — pastry is no more at rank 1.

umnik_team (Um_nik and Merkurev) have solved 5 problems and are now at rank 2. pastry is no more at rank 2.

12:15pm — Pastry solve RAFFLE and they’re back at rank 1.

12:41pm — login228 solve ORDNCHS.

12:42pm — Pastry solve CIRCBIN. They are only 2 minutes ahead of login228 in time penalty.

12:49pm — login228 and pastry have made submissions within a gap of 12 seconds of each other.

login228 solve MAGARR with 7 penalties. pastry solve ORDNCHS

pastry is now leading with 7 problems solved and a lead of 1+ hour in time penalty

1:30pm: contribution (Radewoosh and Swistakk) solve KSUFFIX.

1:31pm: contribution solve CIRCBIN within 1 minute of their previous AC submission!

1:42pm: osass (jiry_2 and wxhtxdy) solve their 8th problem — CIRCBIN and move to the top of the ranklist!

pastry follow them at rank 2 and umnik_team at rank 3 with 7 problems each.

2:20pm: pastry solve their 8th problem and move back to rank 1.

2:30pm: Scoreboard is now frozen.

The top 3 teams have solved 8 problems each. Only 1 team has solved STRSUM and no team has solved RIVERLND. Stay tuned to know the final results!

Our SnackDown 2019 champions are Gennady Korotkevich and Borys Minaiev of team Pastry! In second place were Oleg Merkurev and Aleksei Daniliuk of team Dandelion. Yuhao Du and Ruyi Ji of team osass took the third spot. Shih-Yu Wang and Zi Song Yeoh of team zscoder<(_ _)> who were the top school team while Xiaoou Zhou and Jiayi Mao of team team03060724 were the top women’s team.

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