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When professor Dr. Jayakrishnan needed an intern to join the NPTEL Data analytics team, he struggled to find the right candidate – one with the skillset and knowledge needed to succeed in the role. He received a number of applications, however, the applicants were not well versed in Data structures and Algorithms. Moreover; screening out the unqualified applicants proved to be a time-consuming process. Dr. Jayakrishnan decided to turn to CodeChef in order to get a reliable candidate pool, a pool that was sure to have the basic Data Structures and Algorithms knowledge that he was looking for.

Through the help of the CodeChef team, Dr. Jayakrishnan was able to access a list of students who were already CodeChef Certified in Data Structures and Algorithms. Since every candidate met these criteria, the need for independent DSA testing was eliminated which saved both time and effort for Dr. Jayakrishnan.

“My primary goal was looking for a Data Analytics intern. In that, data structures are pretty important. If you are a good programmer, you should be very clear of your data structures, it’s as simple as that. The better you are at it, the easier it will be for you to code and solve problems,” said Dr. Jayakrishnan, “Knowing that candidates have scored certain marks in an exam or a particular assessment test it definitely is an advantage when it comes to hiring. It is also advantageous to the candidates.”

Ultimately, Dr. Jayakrishnan selected three outstanding candidates who each had their own story.

“I’m really grateful to CodeChef for helping me secure this internship. I want to be a data scientist, but I did not think that I would find good internship opportunities in this field. CodeChef connected me with the kind of profile that I was looking for. In fact, the DSA prepare page changed my life! The topics covered and the links provided are excellent and very helpful. I did not know dynamic programming programming before, but through the resources provided on the prepare page, I could learn this topic.” – Krish Lalwani

“CodeChef certification exam in DSA helped me to improve my DSA skills. Registering for the certification exam gave me a goal to work towards and kept me motivated to crack the exam. The workshop conducted by CodeChef at my college was also very informative and helped me to grasp concepts that were difficult before. I would suggest all my classmates and juniors at college to go ahead and give the CodeChef certification exam to improve their DSA skills.” – Gopesh Yadav

“Data Structures and Algorithms are important to companies. When looking for candidates they want to be sure that the candidate meets the requirement of knowing enough DSA topics. Having a DSA certification is a huge benefit from this perspective. Moreover, getting CodeChef Certified allowed me to understand where I stand when it comes to Data Structures and Algorithms knowledge. Getting certified made me confident that I know DSA topics well enough.” – V. Tejkiran

Want to learn Data Structures and Algorithms? Get all the learning resources you need on our Prepare page. To know more about the CodeChef certification or enrol, visit our website or write to us at

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