ICYMI: Here’s our Recap of CodeChef’s June Long Challenge

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Post our May Lunchtime contest, we bring you the monthly recap of our highly contended June Long Challenge. Keep reading to get our in-depth coverage of the contest as well as some interesting stats.

In Division A, white2302, a student of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, secured the top spot. This is a significant achievement, and continues a trend of  remarkable Long Challenge performances. But, this is the first time that white2302 placed first in Long Challenge, having hovered between Contest Rank 4 and Rank 10 since February this year. white2302, presently a 7-star coder, managed to add another 135 rating points to finish at an admirable 2774, placing him at the top of the Russian charts.

The second spot in Div A was grabbed by vishal4556 from India’s Birla Institute of Technology & Science Pilani. vishal4556 returned to compete after a considerable break, and still managed to increase his rating points by 136 to take it up to 2706. Not just that, this rating bump also led to vishal4556 seizing the overall India Rank 1 post the contest.

Incidentally, India witnessed an incredible representation in the Top 20 of Div A, with 9 Indians altogether and 2 in the Top 5. Apart from white2302 and vishal4556, cheng2014, sinus_070, and zjp_shadow were the other participants occupying the Top 5 rank, respectively.

Over in Division B, he_____he, from China, seized the first position. he_____he (with a rather unusual & funny name, even by CodeChef’s standards) added a sizable 204 rating points to ultimately acquire another star (now a 4-star) and finish at 1965 rating. robbinb1993, heltion, gjaiswal108, and vanbang9710 were the other Top 5 rank holders in Div B for this contest, respectively. Meanwhile, school students continued their ongoing streak of stunning performances, with 5 featuring in the Top 20 for Div A, and 6 in Div B.

The June Long Challenge particularly helped change the Division demographic: More than 320 participants increased their ratings, to jump from Division B to A. The number for school students in this group was a good 13. At the same time, over 100 participants slid down from Div A to Div B. Effectively, there was an addition of 220 new entrants in Div A. It would be interesting to see how this change plays out in the upcoming contests.

Furthermore, akee and megatron10 were the biggest gainers in Div A, respectively adding 184 and 183 rating points. Whereas, in Div B, priyanshu_py and vinu_1998 managed to add a massive 237 and 234 rating points, respectively.

Lastly, coming to the problems: SUMAGCD was the first problem to be solved overall, and it was successfully submitted by ashmelev (a 7-star) from Div A, 6 minutes into the contest on 7th June. The first problem to be submitted in Div B was PROXYC by chandler_1729, towards the end of the 9th minute. Interestingly, the problem to be cracked the least, in both Divisions, was FGTREE. It was successfully submitted by mcfx1 in Div A, 7 hours into the contest, while in the Div B, it was eventually solved on the 4th day, by diamond_duke.

With almost half of 2019 already behind us, and many more contests scheduled ahead, it will be fascinating to see how the rest of the year unfolds for our active community of programmers.

As we conclude this recap, we express our immense gratitude to our problem setting panel:

Setters: Alei Reyes (alei), Danylo Mocherniuk (daniel_1999), Andrey Filimonov (filyan), Reshab Gupta (coolreshab), Roman Derkach (roman_derkach), Ritesh Gupta (rishup_nitdgp), Abhishek Vanjani (ucntstopme), Saurabh Yadav (saurabhshadow), Kartik Singhal (kartik_354), Aman Kumar Singh (aman_robotics), and Lewin Gan (lg5293)

Tester: Radoslav Dimitrov (radoslav192)

Editorialist: Teja Vardhan Reddy (teja349)

Statement Verifier: Jakub Safin (xellos0)


  • Russian Translator: Fedor Korobeinikov (gomelfk)

  • Mandarin Translator: Hu Zecong (huzecong)

  • Vietnamese Translator: Team VNOI (songuku95)

  • Bengali Translator: Mohammad Solaiman (solaimanope)

  • Hindi Translator: Akash Srivastava (devils_code)

Lastly, a huge thanks to our problem panel admin Alexey Zayakin (alex_2oo8) whose hard work allowed us to pull the contest effortlessly and smoothly.

Do let us know in the comments your thoughts on the June Long Challenge. Until next time, keep practicing!

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