ICYMI: Here’s our Recap of CodeChef’s June CookOff

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The June Long Challenge was anything but uneventful! The contest resulted in some big country rank shuffles, particularly for Russia and India. Besides, Div A witnessed an amazing performance by Indian participants, with Indians filling 9 out the Top 20 positions and 2 in the Top 5. Now we recap our Cook-Off, a contest known for being short, yet fierce. Read on to find what went down.

Let’s start with the winners: In Div A, argos, a 7-star coder from Moscow, secured the top position. argos increased his rating by 132 points in this contest, and now holds an overall global rank of 13 with an enviable country rank of 3. Trailing close behind, in the 2nd position, was uwi from Japan. He added 56 to points to his ratings, to finish at 2700 points. Presently, uwi holds overall global rank 24 and country rank 1. Strikingly, both argos and uwi submitted all solutions without a single incorrect answer. The other noteworthy mentions in Div A are: isaf27, karolis_kusas, html_sanek, farhod_farmon, and andrey_efremov, respectively securing ranks 3 to 7 in the contest.

Over in Div B, the top two positions were secured by geothermal and vmaddur, both from the United States. geothermal, earned ended the Cook Off at rank 1, and bumped up his rating by 203 points, leaping from 3-star to 4-star coder status. vmaddur followed a similar trajectory to geothermal, increasing his rating by 185 points and jumping from 3 stars to 4-star level. The rest of Div B’s Top 20 was dominated primarily by Indian participants, with 14 spots occupied by participants from the country.

The school students fared particularly well in June Cookoff; with 4 out of the Top 20 spots in Div A and 5 in the Div B Top 20 being secured by them.

In Div A, zxcv123456 emerged as the biggest gainer, improving his rating by 171 points. While in Div B, amit_neogi and praccoder both managed to boost their rating by 225 points. amit_neogi and praccoder’s rating bump also led to them levelling up from 3-star to 4-star.

Overall, 132 participants made the transition from Div B to Div A, including 8 school students. While, 29 participants slipped from their position in Div A to Div B, effectively translating to a new addition of 102 new entrants in Div A.

Speaking of problems: the first one to be submitted successfully was EXAM1 by geothermal in Div B — astonishingly, 3 minutes into the contest. In Div A, it was ANTEATER; it was submitted by smelskiy within 8 minutes of contest commencement. Akin to June Long Challenge, the problem to be cracked last was the same for both Divisions: SECRECP.

Congratulations to all the winners! And to the rest, never  fear, another chance at coding greatness awaits in the form of the upcoming Lunchtime contest. As we conclude this recap, we express our immense gratitude to our problem setting panel:

Setters: Hasan Jaddouh (kingofnumbers), Erfan Alimohammadi (erfaniaa), Mohammad Solaiman (solaimanope)

Tester and Editorialist: Teja Vardhan Reddy (teja349)

Statement Verifier: Jakub Safin (xellos0)


  • Mandarin Translator: Hu Zecong (huzecong)

  • Vietnamese Translator: Team VNOI (songuku95)

  • Russian Translator: Fedor Korobeinikov (gomelfk)

  • Bengali Translator: Mohammad Solaiman (solaimanope)

  • Hindi Translator: Akash Srivastava (devils_code)

Lastly, a huge thanks to our problem panel admin Hasan Jaddouh (kingofnumbers) whose hard work allowed us to pull the contest effortlessly and smoothly.

Do let us know in the comments your thoughts on the June CookOff. Until next time, keep practicing!

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