ICYMI: Here’s our Recap of CodeChef’s July CookOff

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For those of you who missed it, we bring you our recap of the interesting July CookOff. Read on to get our detailed dissection of the contest.

In Div A, uwi from Japan secured the 1st spot. Further improving his contest rank from June CookOff, where he stood 2nd, uwi added 124 points to his rating in this month’s contest to finish with 2848 rating. He currently holds the overall country rank 1 and global rank 8 on the platform.

Close behind uwi and occupying the 2nd position was progmatic from Belarus. progmatic (with a username, which one can only assume is an amalgamation of words — programmer and pragmatic) increased his rating by 139 points and made a comeback into the 7-star league, after getting briefly downgraded post July Long Challenge. Both uwi and progmatic managed to score a perfect 5 in the contest. The others to finish in the top 5 were — mrkerim, sam__2 and andrey_efremov — securing ranks 3, 4 and 5, respectively.

Over in Div B, perucmpamypa from Ukraine seized the first position. This was perucmpamypa’s first contest on CodeChef, and he was able to increase his rating by the maximum possible value: 275 points. The 2nd place was snatched by nstyrl. Coincidentally, it was nstyrl’s first contest on the platform, too and even he increased his rating by 275 points.

Despite the otherwise great performance that the contest witnessed in Div B, there wasn’t anybody to manage a perfect 5 score. juckter, eshoru, and godwind were the other contestants to finish within the top 5 in Div B — finishing with the 3rd, 4th and 5th positions, respectively.

Amongst school students, andrey_efremov (rank 5) and tasmeemreza (rank 13) showcased real programming prowess in Div A; while in Div B, some of their equally impressive counterparts were: eshoru (rank 4), godwind (rank 5) and arshiadadras (rank 7). Overall, 96 participants increased their rating significantly enough to jump from Div B to Div A, including 3 school students.

Coming to contest problems: christian_grey from Div B was the first to successfully submit a solution in the contest, solving PLAYSTR within 4 minutes of commencement. Meanwhile, the first scorable problem to be cracked in Div A happened to be BDGFT, successfully submitted by progmatic in the 9th minute. The last problem to be cracked in Div A was MGICMENU, solved by KADR; while for Div B, that problem was WARTLND, solved by arshiadadras.

As we conclude this exciting recap, we’d love to express our enormous gratitude to our July CookOff problem setting panel:

Setters: Anik Sarker (imanik), Hasin Rayhan Dewan Dhruboo (ezio_26)

Tester: Teja Vardhan Reddy (teja349)

Editorialist: Taranpreet Singh (taran_1407)

Statement Verifier: Jakub Safin (xellos0)


  • Russian Translator: Fedor Korobeinikov (gomelfk)

  • Vietnamese Translator: Team VNOI (songuku95)

  • Bengali Translator: Mohammad Solaiman (solaimanope)

  • Hindi Translator: Akash Srivastava (devils_code)

  • Mandarin Translator: Gedi Zheng (stzgd)

Lastly, a huge shoutout to our admin Hasan Jaddouh (kingofnumbers) without whose assistance we wouldn’t have been able to pull the contest off this effortlessly.

Do let us know your thoughts and opinions on the July CookOff in the comments below. Until next time, keep coding!

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