ICPC Kharagpur Regionals 2019-20 – Live Updates

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Hello everyone!

We are now an hour into the contest.  I’ll be posting live updates in this blog.

There are 12 problems, and five distinct problems have been solved. The public ranklist is available here:


FacelessMen2.0 from IIT Kanpur and Laila from IIT Roorkee are on the top two positions with a penalty difference of a mere 10 minutes. Both have solved 5 problems each and these are the only distinct problems that have been solved till now.

1:10 : Team BhagwanBharose from IIT Bombay moves to 2nd rank by solving the problem AWKMINI. They have 0 penalties so far.

1:20 : Team HighHopes solve the 6th distinct problem, ANAJOBS (P12 in the public ranklist). They’re on the 4th rank now. The problem reduces to the following interesting problem:

Given n items  each having volume 1 or 2, what is the minimum number of boxes each of volume V that the items can be put into?

1:30 : Team FacelessMen2.0 extends their lead by solving their 6th and the 7th distinct problem, RECARR ( P6 in the public ranklist). The problem is an interactive problem:

Find a hidden binary array of size 10^5 by asking<= 9 * 10^4  subarray sum queries.

1:45 : FacelessMen2.0 further extends their lead by solving ANAJOBS. They now have 2 more problems solved than any other team!!

2:00 : Teams Laila, HighHopes and CompilationTerror solve their 6th problems. They are now 2nd, 3rd, 4th on the ranklist respectively

2:10 Team BhagwanBharose solves ANAJOBS too and moves to the 3rd rank.

Team Laila solves their 7th and overall 8th distinct problem, GRAPHCON(P3). FacelessMen2.0 gets a WA verdict on the same problem. They seem to have the correct solution but wrong output format.

2:25 FacelessMen2.0 solves GRAPHCON too by fixing the output format. Here’s the problem:
Of all 3-regular graphs with exactly  k bridges and <= 10^5 vertices, print a graph  from which one has to remove the minimum number of edges to make it bipartite.

2:35 BALLSUM (P5) is the 9th distinct problem solved. It has been solved by team DU_SwampFire from University Of Dhaka

2:55 Team CompilationTerror solves RECARR to move to 3rd.

FacelessMen2.0 solve their 9th and the 10th distinct problem of the set VARMIN (P4):

Given n sets, select an element from each set such that the variance of the chosen elements is minimized.

3:15 FacelessMen2.0 and Laila both solve BALLSUM one after the other.

3:30 BhagwanBharose solves VARMIN. They have 8 problems now and are on 3rd rank

3:45 Laila solves RECARR and VARMIN back to back, moves to 10 problems just before ranklist freezing!

4:00 The ranklist has frozen.


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