[Live Updates] ACM ICPC 2019-20 Gwalior/Pune Regional

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Welcome to our coverage of the 2nd Indian regional this year, being held in Gwalior and Pune. The contest shall begin shortly.

Link to public ranklist

10:30: The contest will begin at 10:35 am IST

We have 128 teams participating today, each with 3 members as per ACM ICPC rules.

10:35: The contest has begun. We have 12 problems today.

We have yet another “Yet Another X” problem this contest titled “Yet Another Balanced Parenthesis Problem”.

10:41: We have our first submission of the contest 6 minutes in, but WA 🙁

10:42: The first correct submission of the contest is here from Team IC3.

10:43: 3 teams now have 1 AC submission.

10:48: 40 teams have solved the easiest problem of the contest now.

Cogito Ergo Error (IIITD) makes their 2nd correct submission and they are now at Rank 1!

11:00: We have submissions pouring in and within quick succession, 2 more different problems have been solved. We now have 4 distinct problems solved.

FacelessMen2.0 (IITK) is just above Cogito Ergo Error (IIITD) in the ranklist on the basis of time penalty.

10:57: 35 mins into the contest, we have 6 distinct problems solved.

11:20: IIT Bombay is only 19 seconds behind IIIT Delhi in terms of time penalty and both teams have 2 problems solved.

11:27: cleansweep_789 is the first school team to solve a problem! They now have 2 problems solved. No other school team has solved a problem yet.

11:28: Team Cogito Ergo Error (IIIT Delhi) solve their 4th problem and are now at Rank 1.

11:32: FacelessMen2.0 (IIT Kanpur) solve their 4th problem as well and take over the lead from IIITD. They have 12 minutes ahead in time penalty.

11:32: fenmentTree (IIT Indore) is the 3rd team to solve 4 problems. They are now at Rank 3.

11:51: FacelessMen2.0 AC two problems within 8 minutes and are now up to 6 solved problems.

12:01: IIITD and IIT Indore both solve 1 more problem and both now have 5 problems solved. IIITD stands at rank 2 and IIT Indore at Rank 3.

12:06: FacelessMen2.0 solve their 7th problem and extend their lead.

12:30: Cogito Ergo Error (IIITD) are at 2nd place with 6 problems. fenmentTree (IIT Indore) at rank 3 and AlwaysReadyToOverkill (IIT Delhi) at rank 4 follow with 6 problems but greater time penalty.

12:30: Last 10 minutes have been quite exciting as all teams at Rank 2, 3, 4 and 5 have solved 1 problem each and are now at 7 problems each.

12:45: FacelessMen2.0 solve their 8th problem!

12:51: 4 problems remain unsolved so far.

13:28: AlwaysReadyToOverkill (IIT Delhi) solve their 8th problem and move up to Rank 2 with 2 hours remaining in the contest!

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