An overview of the eventful 10 day Coding Extravaganza, the December Long Challenge

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This month at CodeChef began with the Long Challenge, from the 6th to the 16th of December. The contest was exciting with submissions from coders pouring in from all over the globe. Several coders stood above the competition in the ten-day long coding extravaganza. With noticeable gains made by 65 participating coders who climbed up from Div 2 to 1.

Beginning with Div 1: the 5-star romawhite from Ukraine finished as the leader in the rank list. romawhite drastically improved from rank 599 in November Long Challenge to the number one spot this month.  Close behind romawhite, was akee, a school student from China with 799.59, and his fabulous performance bumped his Rating up by 142 points. The contest starred excellent performances from China and India in Div 1, with 13 coders from China and 7 from India landing in the Top 30.

The others who managed to finish in the Top 5 were zhouyuyang, ACRush, and xuanyiming ranking 3, 4, and 5, respectively. The highest rank achieved by an Indian Programmer in Div 1 was 12 by cskanani, who achieved a raise in his rating of 164 points.

In Div 2, the contest was fierce with 3-star coder khalid545 from Morocco acquiring the first position, and also jumping up to Div-1 consequently. Stealing the 2nd spot in Div 2 was rohit2000 from India. rohit2000, a school student, added 171 points to his Rating. Other participants who made the Top 5 cut in Div 2 were sakarak, pulak15, and sarthak007sg60, occupying the 3rd, 4th, and 5th positions, sequentially.

In Div 1, 11 out of the Top 30 were school students. However, the number dwindled to just two in Div 2 within the same bracket. Meanwhile, sanae acquiring 8th rank and minamoto ranking 27 from Div 1, were some of the best female programmers in the contest.

Overall, 65 participants improved from Div 2 to Div 1, including 4 school students, while 24 coders slid to Div 2 from Div 1.

Arriving at the problems finally: the problem to get the first overall successful submission in the contest was PLMU by sharepo in Div 2. The submission was made 15 minutes into the contest. The problem to be cracked last was TESTGEN, solved by Tomsyd in Div 2 on the second day, while in Div 1, STICNOT was the last problem to be solved by dontjudgeme on the first day.

The Long Challenge came to a close on the 16th of December, with the total number of submissions peaking at 213,696 from 15,301 distinct users. 14,507 CodeChef users made at least one correct submission in the duration of the contest. We congratulate all the users who put in their effort and time. Further, we thank the December Long Challenge problem setting panel:

  • PLMU: Vivek Chauhan (vivek_1998299)
  • SUBSPLAY: Bhavya Rustgi (bhavyarustgi10)
  • BINXOR: Akash Tike (black_truce)
  • CHFRAN: Ritesh Gupta (rishup_nitdgp)
  • STICNOT: Abolfazl Soltani (Saboon)
  • APAIRS: Foyaz Akanda (foyaz05)
  • TESTGEN: Alexey Zayakin (alex_2oo8)
  • BINOFEV: Rezwan Arefin (rezwanarefin01)
  • CUBVIRUS: Alexey Zayakin (alex_2oo8)
  • WATSCORE: Abhishek Pandey (viju123)
  • Alexey Zayakin (alex_2oo8)

Tester: Ildar Gainullin (gainullinildar)

Editorialist: Alexander Kulkov (melfice)

Statement Verifier: Jakub Safin (xellos0)


  • Russian: Fedor Korobeinikov (gomelfk)
  • Vietnamese: Team VNOI (songuku95)
  • Bengali: Mohammad Solaiman (solaimanope)
  • Hindi: Akash Srivastava (devils_code)
  • Mandarin: Hanlin Ren (r_64)

Finally, our admin Alexey Zayakin (alex_2oo8) whose help ensured that we were able to pull the contest off effortlessly.

Let us know your thoughts and opinions on the December Long Challenge in the comments below. Plus, don’t forget to practice. We have a list of exciting contests coming up over the month. Until next time, keep coding!

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